A redhead woman I’d met,

And hardly could forget…

Came ’round the corner

As a redhead former,

Was turned into a brunette!

Like I used to shave after summer,

Losing redheads is a bummer…

For goodness’ sake

What more can I take,

The outlook is growing “numb-er”.

Their hair is their own,

But I’m less likely to “take them home”…

I’ll keep my wife

For the rest of my life,

And what’s left of my hair isn’t roan!


—Jonathan Caswell

(Below…also a Google Image)

3 thoughts on “ONE LESS REDHEAD!

  1. ctoby

    Women with red tresses, make all kinds of messes, especially when it comes to men.
    They harp and they sting, with words that can
    zzzzzzzzzzing !
    all around in your brain and come back again…

    I like your poems.


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Thank you. I started really liking redheads when I stopped blaming my redheaded mother for “ruining” my life. In reality, she kept me alive with a fierceness and determination that affected her and everyone around her…some for the good, some for the not so good. But I am here typing this because she did what she felt whatever she had to do. Thanks, Mom.



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