(A song parody of “I Wear My Pink Pajamas”)

(1.) I wash my fingers often in the Summer when it’s hot,

And wear wooly mittens in the winter when it’s not,

But sometimes in the Springtime

And sometimes in the Fall…

I get a static shock

And I jump up the wall!


Caught by static ‘tricity….

The door knobs I touch

Sometimes hurt so much,

With a ZAP of built-up charge!

(2.) My job is to check door knobs to see if they’re locked,

Strolling on the carpet tends to guarantee me shocked….

I use the back of my hand

To touch the metal frame,

And if there is static, it will not hurt the same!

(3.) The seasonal charges do not always cause me grief,

But when I am off the job I forget charge relief…

My fingers touch my kitty’s nose

And he jumps across the room,

He shies away from touching me…

Not trusting me so soon!


Caught again by static ‘tricity…

The kitty cat may claim

I have done it all the same,

But it happened by stroking his mane!


–Jonathan Caswell


(AUTHOR’S NOTE:***In other words, the tune of “The Battle Hymn of The Republic”) 

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