“Happy Holy Days,

Happy Holy Days…

While the merry bells keep ringing,

Happy Holy Days to you!”**

So much of the language we’re seeing

Is stripped of original meaning…

Holiday once was holy,

A festive day solely

To celebrate spiritual cleaning.

In “X-mas” the X stood for Christ,

The tipped-over cross sufficed…

But in algebra, “x”

Stands for unknown, one suspects

Non-Christians got this in-spliced.

Western and American thought

By intellectuals is thought to be fraught…

With danger to social control,

In other places it is so

That any and all Christianity must be tossed.

True pity I really feel

For folks who reduce to “corn meal…”

Cultural richness displayed

Despite efforts made,

By fanatical pagan zeal.

–Jonathan Caswell

**NOTE: A play on the words of Bing Crosby’s hit song, “Happy Holidays”, based on the etiology (history of words and their usage), of “holiday” coming from the original term, “holy day”.

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