My Doctor wants increased
Insulin dose both day and night…
If I could retrain my eating,
I suppose it would work out right.

Above a certain dosage
I easily lose control…
I tend to match the higher,
Check my gravatar to see it is so!

My will power varies
With what stress I go through…
But unthinking nervous eating
Is often my “Waterloo”*.

That sliding insulin scale,
At least the one I’ve used…
To counter binges and judgement poor
Feels like being medically self-abused.

I’m thinking about proper choices,
Veggies better but chips are quicker…
Must encourage myself to turn it around
Or I’ll grow sicker and sicker.

—Jonathan Caswell

*Waterloo was the battlefield where the Emperor of France, Napoleon, met defeat at the hands of a large force commanded by British General Wellington. To meet one’s “Waterloo” is an expression of being defeated by some factor or person or tendency.

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