I guess there’ll be no more drama,

No withheld refund by Obama…

The I.R.S.

Is okay, I guess,

No one took it to the Bahamas.

We’ve taken some to put away,

For overdue vacation some day…

Some for tithe

And some to survive

A little longer ’til pay.

The rest must go into the car,

Without which, we’d not go far…

Muffling the sound

Of a tailpipe resound,

And other things that have traveled too far.

And to cover for the rent,

This amount is heaven-sent…

So much to pay,

Cam we get away

With spending 200%?


–Jonathan Caswell


2 thoughts on “IT GOES FOR—WHAT?

    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Yeah….but 200% means having to pay interest or overdraft fees to spend the extra money! Not that we haven’t…in my house, anyway,….over-planned where all that cash was supposed to go! 🙂



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