This man would blog on the figures of women

He likes and generally approves….

But considering the kind of audience he aims for,

Some wisdom is wise to behoove.

Ladies can blog about their experiences

And how to please a man….

I’m restrained to not turn off women

For whom I’ve offered a scan.

My wife and I don’t have many secrets,

“We” had cancer, rather than kids…

And other conditions with which we’re familiar

Are better off kept “hid.”

Alas man’s mind is well-documented,

No need to expose any thrust…

Of thought process, to man it’s important

How hair, body, personality are trussed.

My wife keeps telling me of male actors

She had designs on, way back when…

I hesitate to tell her of my “old loves”,

For fear feelings rise up again.

I have enough “trouble” as it is to not incite

Feelings of love that grow…

I choose loyalty to my life love,

Don’t need “juice” for another to flow.

So if you are a lady who wants to bare all,

I may or may not spare a look…

For I’ve chosen to submit to my wife

And to the Bible, God’s Holy book.


–Jonathan Caswell


2 thoughts on “A MAN’S PREFERENCES

  1. lyndzeerae27

    Fantastic poem! This piece has wonderful flow and somehow makes me feel that I should be reading between the lines at times, which any great poem usually does! 🙂 But it still really gets across the love you have for your wife, which in itself is so beautiful! You are very talented 🙂


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      THANK YOU. At times I really want to indulge my fleshly side, but there are spiritual, physical and emotional realities to face. And I have to take into account my audience(s)! I appreciate your sensitivity and discernment. —Jonathan 🙂



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