(A variation)


I nap on and off all day,

On weekends to repay…

My body for time

When I don’t feel “prime”,

During work scheduled on weekdays.

Of late I’ve been awakened

From slumber by being shaken….

By noises and sounds

From somewhere around,

The sources of which I’ve been mistaken.

I’ve heard more than once my name

Spoken softly, as through the door it came…

At other times, cries,

Softly open my eyes

With no creature there, all the same.

Once this last week, the treat,

Diagonally of kitty cat feet…

Over my legs

Not walking on eggs,

The illusion felt so complete.

I wake up and open my eyes,

No one’s there….not much of a surprise…

Is it all in my head

As I lay in bed,

Or some kind of spirit, disguised?


–Jonathan Caswell


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