It’s barely enough for a snack,

But enough for lips to smack…

The garlic in some

Will overcome,

For food, though, it’s on the right track.

“A good source of protein,” they say,

With starch, salt and a little milk whey…

Macaroni and cheese,

Could I have some, please

Three at once is okay!

But then, how can you go wrong,

A little bit of dinner for a song…

One dollar a dinner–

On sale, that’s a winner–

Eat bread if that won’t last very long.

–Jonathan Caswell

2 thoughts on “BANQUET DINNERS II.

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    SORRY…that’s what I get for rushing a post and not annotating enough. I am referring to a specific brand of frozen dinner….BANQUET (made by Conagra). Does that mean I’m not worth of the compliment??? 🙂 But YES… I have been at social functions where we went home afterward just to get something more to eat!!!! At least one funeral was like that, I remember…!



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