Two pumpkins grace the entrance,

Either side of the door…

Out in the flowerbeds

 Planting mums is in store.

The price has gotten low enough

That even we, the poor…

Can buy mums for the windowsill,

Away from winter’s roar.

The Santa trains are being prepared,

At EDAVILLE, things will shine…

Will the Grafton and Upton

Do something in kind?

Maple trees and aspens

Are oft the first to turn…

Glowing foggy mornings,

Helping the mist off-burn.

Soon I’ll put a snow shovel

Back inside the car…

Remembering the times when

I couldn’t get very far.

Oktoberfest is coming

To our Douglas town…

I hope we’ll have some dollars

To spend when it comes ’round!!!!


–Jonathan Caswell




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