At about eleven PM

Eastern Standard Time…

Our rain turned into snow,

A slippery, slushy rime.

Worcester, Mass., is getting

What was promised all along…

What was originally wetting,

Turns into a Christmas song.

The flakes are getting bigger

As I monitor CCTV…

My relief is coming, I’ll go on my round

And I hope that is safe for me…?


–Jonathan Caswell


3 thoughts on “WINTER’S ARRIVAL

  1. reocochran

    I love the snow, especially while inside with warm air and possibly a fire in the fireplace. I live in a small, cozy apartment but have my little bird’s nest and bird house Christmas tree up with my “stockings hung” on knobs, not by a chimney. But this put me in a great mood last night, with our First Friday in Delaware, Ohio, where they had a horse drawn carriage picking up people and traveling around the downtown.



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