(Sing to “Animal Crackers in My Soup”…ie: Shirley Temple)


Traffic lines were well-behaved,

Those of us who outside braved

All of the slipp’ry roads to drive…

To make a living and survive!

As much as twelve inches are forecast

Drifting will come with icy blast,

It may warm up a degree or so

After we’re done with falling snow.

I got to work only ten minutes late

And could have drawn a much worse fate,

The guy I relieved was ever so kind..

Telling me not to worry my mind!

I’ll stay here til one a.m.

Then making my way back home again,

Maybe the plows will be an inch farther down…

To the pavement, at least in town.

Snow storms come and then they go,

Looks rather pretty don’t you know…

Once we are in we stop and admire

The beauty outside from a warming fire!


–Jonathan Caswell





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