(“The Yellow Rose of Texas” tune)

The piney woods of Georgia

Will be snowbound again,

A storm may hit tomorrow

Making the other seem so thin…

This storm is going to clobber

The state with lots of snow,

A State of Emergency

Declared prepares for that show.

One hopes they’ve gotten more sand trucks

And train-loads full of salt,

So they’ll do better with the roads

Under winter’s assault…

A better-timed departure

Of those commuter hordes,

And managing the wait til spring

May leave some kinder words!

It’s a second slam for Georgia,

New England is next—

The prediction is a blizzard

With snow up to our necks…

With wintry wind at gale force strength

Making drifts really high,

And a warm-up probably next up

Featuring a sunny sky!

–Jonathan Caswell

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