Again it’s layoff time

And people are inclined…

To pull back much

But keep in touch,

Even if they are resigned.

Underlying fear,

Is snaking through the folks here…

We want to hold on

To those who respond,

For whom we’ll shed biggest tears.

Perhaps a recent hug

From an appreciative fan for this lug…

Makes me more aware

Of folks who really care

And for whom these layoffs really bug!

You want to tightly grab hold,

Shielded from a corporate cold…


With someone to see

You through changes so bold.

People who want me

To continue sending poetry…

Give a different address

To reduce the stress

Of an excuse by the company.

I feel it toward certain friends,

Surprised that some don’t want to end…

Contact with me,

Getting poetry

And voicing that desired intent.

–Jonathan Caswell

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