He went and did it again,

Reposted another man’s trend….

That was copyrighted,

Somehow oversighted

He can’t understand why then…

The signs are not bigger still,

And the “reblog” button is killed…

He’s had less trouble

With commercial site scuffle,

They’re sharing, but deny any thrill.

–Jonathan Caswell

(the offended blog has been trashedΒ by the reblogger.)

16 thoughts on “HE DIDN’T SEE IT!

      1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

        THAT’S OKAY….getting tired, too. You said I’m “fine”…I said I’m not really shaped like a needle—I’m fat. Time I hung it up and when back to BOOKWORM, or You Tube, or something! Thanks for being a good encourager to me. All silliness aside–I mean it!


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