While laying down caught

Up in resting, had a thought…

Pain medicine-born

(Or fermented corn?),

It grew so fearfully fraught.

Remember, he was wracked in pain,

Finding relief (it wasn’t cocaine!)…

Juggling a vision

Of limited wisdom,

Enthusiasm he barely contained!

Like an old man with no more thrills,

He imagined a roomful of girls…

Women, if you will,

Waiting until

This man came in so they’d unfurl.

Imagine a roomful of hugging

Women…no cameras or bugging…

‘Twas all too much

For this man to touch,

Sensory overload came a-tugging!

‘Twas more than he could’ve stood,

And fainted from way too much good

Attention female,

Behind the veil

He HAD TO ESCAPE…and he would!

With fantasy circuits blown

He struggled his way back home…

To his quiet nook

With a good book,

“Too much at once,” he groaned.

–Jonathan Caswell

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