My Lord, great is your name,

Forever my heart will proclaim…

Your praise is on my lips from birth:

All creation sings of your worth!

Praises from heaven on high:

The Lord our God draws nigh…

Coming from above

Off’ring mercy and love.

The birds that fly–the fish in the sea–

Op’ning sweet flowers and the oak tree…

God made the flocks and herds,

All of creation declare His words.

The Lord set the stars to light the night

And gave His word as our light…

His coming proclaimed by a star,

Led wise men to Him from afar.

Who am I Lord that I should be

By you blessed and set free…

I am just a sinner, lost and alone,

But my soul you named your own!

Lord gracious, majestic and true,

i know I am nothing without you…

But in your love seeing me through

There isn’t anything the two of us can’t do!

Carl A. Gooch ~ 10 July 2014

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