I spent an hour or two

Working on the “choo-choo”…

Rearranging track

Trying to get back

To what I’d originally thought through.

You know–it’s changed over time–

According to reason or rhyme…

Spurs* tend to be


And frequently changed over time!

I’m going less and less “real”

There’s only so much I can steal…

And fit in my space,

Getting smaller apace,

Or at least that;s how it feels!

Like danging participles,**

I must simplify principles…

Nothing sticking off

The edge–for a cough

To push rolling stock away!

Within my imaginary scheme,

I wonder, which way is upstream…

The way I’d assume

There isn’t enough room

For the stone woolen mill of my dream?

There’s never enough room for everything,

My New England layout I’ve got to “wing”…***

Train switching is fine

If it’s usable some time,

Maybe then…I’ll hear the angels sing!

–Jonathan Caswell

* Spurs…spur tracks…** participles…grammatical devices in English…*** Wing, or to wing it…improvise

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