Where tornadoes and floods have gone through,

Don’t think we’re ignoring you….

we join the outcry

In asking “Why?”

The suffering headed for you.

We all do the best we can,

As life drops us in a frying pan…

I suggest the Good Book,

You won’t be “forsook”

By Him who died for Man.

“Under water,” we know that as well,

Hard-to-breathe in a swirling hell…

Rescuers strive

To catch all alive,

Like others they must rest a spell.

It’s hard when one’s whole life is smashed,

Emotionally you’ve crashed…

Real hard to keep hope

Climbing that steep slope,

Just ask what you need…unabashed!

We have our problems as you,

But we’re already praying for you…

Does government care,

They’ll get you somewhere,

Then the rest of progress is up yo you!

–Jonathan caswell

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