Far from a mere manatee

Mermaids appeal endlessly…

To men on the waves

That sanity saves

Providing female fantasy.

‘Though the style was once more obese,

The interest of this kind never ceased…

Adolescents too

Experience anew

What helped sailors find some piece.

He remembered a fantasy groovy

Influenced by a W.C. Fields movie….

With a voluptuous vamp

Disturbing the camp

Of Olympian athletes moody.

Combined with a mermaid slinky

His adolescent mind edged toward kinky…

It wasn’t X-rated

But clearly demonstrated

His fantasy required some hard thinking.

–Jonathan Caswell

8 thoughts on “MERMAID FANCIES

  1. The Invisible Woman

    Hi Caswell! I’m always so glad you’re still here and writing… I don’t write much poetry, although I once wrote a stunning haiku about something really cool. Unfortunately I was somewhat impaired at the time, and thus I didn’t write it down…and can’t even remember the subject. Ah, the 70s! I really enjoyed that decade. I think.
    The crazed redhead, aka Carla 🙂


    1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

      Carla…your gravatar DOES LOOK strangely familiar! Rediscovering a friend is—to me–like finding a long-lost jewel! You afre welcome to try! I gotta keep thinking up things to write so I don’t get swamped by my own re-blogging! (What else is new?) HAVE A “LONG-DISTANCE HUG”…! YAHOOO!


      1. The Invisible Woman

        You are just the best! It’s true I’ve not been blogging much this past year. Life has interfered with my plans. I started on an autobiographical kind of whatever, and while I was trying to figger out how best to organize it, The Powers That Be chose that moment as the one my half of a sister should die unexpectedly– last June. We were not close, yet I mourn for her still…mostly though, I mourn for our mother. And found I couldn’t write. I may have experienced writer’s block for the first time.

        I then had a medical issue, (getting old is just barrels of fun!), which prohibited my ability to keyboard. I’ve been off work since mid-February, and finally had surgery in April. Good lord. I am becoming a bionic chick…ain’t it a blessing to live in the age of miracles–they really CAN rebuild us. Back to work next week, back to writing soon. I still follow you though, and I find it wonderful that you persist and endure. Yay!
        So even though I haven’t commented for a while, I have been reading your stuff.

        You rock! 🙂


  2. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    Carla–Sounds like MY year past. I was out of work October 15th to May…has a couple toe amputatioi]ns, the first being the worst. Tain’t been rebuilt, just rebalance! Got myself a lap-top computer…and access to two free wi-fi zones (at home and wo). Tried to do my own autobiographucal book on my experiences….Most of the pieces are at THE MARVELOUS MUMFORDA, MY “OVERFLOW” BLOG! Considering how few of the first book sold, gave up on the second! 🙂 So happy you are coming back on strong! SERIOUSLY—I can publish other people’s things—just don’t know how to affect another authorship (my new challenge?) Peaxce!


    1. The Invisible Woman

      Oh my! I’m familiar with those kinds of surgeries; profound impact on balance and also mental health. People think these are minor medical issues, but you and I know nothing is farther from the truth.

      I’m glad you’re on the mend! We’re all just slugging it out on the same ball of dirt–and every day we wake up on the right side of that dirt is a blessing. I’m sure happy we’ve made it this far. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Invisible Woman

    Thank you for the re-blog! Yes, once I was brave, quick and steady. Now I’m just tired. I’ll be moving to Las Vegas soon…in the hope that leaving the Lone Star will help my mood and enhance the potential for happiness by being around it. We’ll see… 😉



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