FORETOLD… Carl Gooch


The chains of death surround me;

A river of destruction engulfs me;

An evil snare set to entangle me;

And my grave lies open before me.

O Lord, in my troubles I call to you;

To my God I cry out in fear.

In your holy place my pleas reach you,

You receive my voice with a loving ear.

I have called on the Lord, my God,

Who alone is worthy of my praise.

I have seen His works and am awed,

He guards my path and blesses my days.

I love you, O Lord you are my life.

My God, the shield of my salvation,

You are my rock, my refuge from strife.

With love you bless me before all nations.

You are my fortress, my stronghold;

You are my refuge to which I tightly hold.

You are the same protector from old;

The one of which the prophets foretold.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 20 June 2015

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