When Troubles come

O Lord, it’s in your strength I rejoice,

And in your salvation that I’m blessed.

You have answered my hearts desire,

Your ears have heard my soul’s request.

Precious treasures you have given me;

You have wrapped me in a cloak of love.

I cried out from deaths door and you came,

Grace answered with mercy from above.

O Lord, splendor and majesty you bestow;

In your salvation your mighty glory shines.

You have smiled on me, and I am blessed,

It is upon your holy word this child dines.

My old heart now jumps with in me,

I dance like a young boy giddy and light.

I shall not be moved, I trust the Lord,

His love guards me through the night.

I will sing praises of your love and power;

My heart rejoices and my soul is at peace.

In times of great trial, when troubles come,

I’ll rest assured that your love will never cease.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 August 2015

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