Mr. Trump we trusted you so,

But your team members’ greed will blow…

The good advertised

To be capsized,

By Liberal telling by show!

We’re not totally turned,

But trust’s a commodity earned…

A fire strom—

But you’ve been warned–

Is it too later for you to have learned?

Open disclosure now

With apologies maay just slow…

The forming lynch mob

And save your job,

Before you become butchered cow!

–Jonathan   Caswell

An opinion post–the author’s!

1 thought on “WE TRUSTED YOU!

  1. Jonathan Caswell Post author

    TO ALL MY LIBERAL AND “MODERATE” FRIENDS—I am not totally anti-Trump—and was never all for him either. If he can control the corruption his positive work may still be seen. But even his companies are taking advantage in unrelated areas! I know–nobody WANTS corruption. but he’s politically sunk, if he doesn’t stem the tide! Whether or not these reports are true—his buddies’ actions don’t help!

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