The thing with professional help,

Is a guy has to keep to himself…

Women may greet

In embraces sweet,

But a guy has to behave himself!

Any unbidden contact

Is taken as an attack…

Suggestive moves

The wise man behooves,

To always hold them back!

One woman extends her hand,

To shake his–a gesture grand…

Being friendly


Contact with the client, a man.

His hug deficit is large,

But isn’t an excuse to barge…

Into anyone’s life–

He does have a wife–

She likes to hug without charge!

–Jonathan Caswell


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About Jonathan Caswell

Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

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