Am I Too Old For This?


Rose Bak

The older I get, the more I hear other women my age judge things in relation to their age.  “Am I too old for this?” they ponder.  “Oh, no, I’m too old to do that”, they say.

“Am I too old to wear this outfit?”

“Am I too old to wear my hair this long?”

“I’d love to take that class/go on that trip/learn that new thing, but I’m too old.”

It’s an interesting paradox because I’m also hearing women my age talk about how things have changed now that they have the freedom that comes with age.

“I used to suck it up when I experienced sexism, but now that I’m older, I speak up.”

“I used to never leave home without makeup, but now that I’m older I don’t care.”

So which is it?  Does being over 50 give us freedom to do what we want? Or does…

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