Biceps Tendinopathy


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Pain, tenderness and inflammation around long head of biceps tendon often caused due to overuse injury among older patients especially older athletes ( 30+ age athletes and old aged patients 60+ age).

Pain often resembles Shoulder impingement syndrome, Rotator cuff tendinopathy.



Occurs more commonly while performing or after sporting activities like lifting, throwing, overhead movement.

In UK prevalence rate of biceps tendon rupture is 0.53/100,000 over 5 years, with male:female ratio 3:1.


Repetitive irritation friction leads to swelling of tendon initially.

Continued irritation, traction, friction makes tendon thicker.

Eventually long term irritation leads to adhesion formation around surrounding structures.


Patients with biceps tendinopathy often complain of a deep, throbbing pain in the anterior shoulder that is intensified when lifting.

Patients are likely to present with a chief complaint of anteromedial shoulder pain The pain is usually localized to the bicipital groove and may radiate toward the…

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