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Mr. Caswell has been composing poetry at least since High School. He has been on WORD PRESS for ten years and contributes to two other blogs beside this one. This blog has a Christian emphasis but all bloggers are welcome. Mr. Caswell chooses to---with permission--re[post material of interest

Japanese-Americans | the Nisei in WWII, part one (1)


Pacific Paratrooper

Nisei soldiers

Smitty held the Nisei in very high regard and I would be remiss in neglecting to tell their story. Beside, one of these men might have been directly responsible for the safe return of my father. In reality, it would be near impossible to relate a story of the Pacific War without mentioning their service. Some of this unique intelligence force worked ‘behind the scene’ stateside U.S.A. or Australia, but many were up front and fighting at and behind enemy lines.

Smitty always had extreme appreciation for the courage, resilience and down-right crazy stunts they pulled off. They were capable of going behind the lines to acquire information or cut into the radio lines and all the while they remained quite aware that their own units might mistake them for the enemy when they returned. This did happen more than once.

Most everyone is aware of whom the…

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It has been a related story in which we lost our ways and unable to move to our specific destination because of taking a wrong turn or getting confused with the similar, unpracticed routes and it’s normal when this occurs sometimes.

Plenty of men are bad at directions, and plenty of women navigate without difficulty.

In fact, we need both kinds of navigational strategies:

  • is useful for familiar terrain that you traverse frequently. You probably have a good mental map of your neighborhood, and you can go to the supermarket, drop off the dry cleaning, stop by the pharmacy, and get your hair done without first returning home and then departing for each new destination.
  • is convenient when you frequently travel back and forth between the same two points. Your commute to work is a good example. The route becomes so familiar that you don’t even need to think about…

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Day trip to see Les Miserables


fashion with compassion

ticketDunfield Theatre is just a short drive from where I live, and a great day trip if you’re an hour or two away from Cambridge, Ontario. The Grand Opening was March 2013.  A dear friend gifted me with a ticket and I went with some friends yesterday to see Les Miserables for the first time. (I’ve seen the movie staring Liam Neeson.)

Click the ticket!

All tickets are $40. plus tax. Free parking. Perfect view of the stage from any seat. A superb performance and you have till August 2 to see Les Miserables! You will not be disappointed!

Come early and enjoy browsing through Southworks Antique Mall (I’ll be posting some photos, so check back later) right next door.

I wore my new sundress: one of a kind, made by a local seamstress.


Ruffled black lace straps and trim on the hem.

sundresssundressThe unique print looks like an old mail…

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What to wear with white cropped jeans


fashion with compassion

These are my go-to pants ever since I bought them last month. The great thing about white jeans is that anything and everything in my wardrobe goes with them. Every time I’ve worn them I wear a different top. I could probably wear them all summer and never repeat the same outfit.

I love an all white look, especially in the summertime. However, I added a pink hoodie because it was a bit cool on this particular day in May.

Pretty with pink; really any shade of pink looks lovely with white. I’ve had this sweater for many years. So soft and feminie with the cutouts down the sleeves.

This cropped cardigan from Hollister has pastel shades of blue, green, coral and sandy beige.

In my last post I showed them with gray T-shirt and pink summer jacket. In my next post I’ll be wearing lilac, one of my favourite…

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Imagine Shopping at This Bookstore While Kitties Meander on Catwalks Above You



Cats and books sure sounds like heaven to us!

ByEmily SchroederApril 18, 2022

cat walking on top of the bookshelves like a catwalk


You’re going to want to dog-ear—er, cat-ear?—this place!Cupboard Maker Booksin Enola, Penn., is the ultimate destination for felineandfiction fans. Why? This independent bookstore boasts four adorable store cats who strut their stuff on top of the bookshelf catwalks while shoppers below browse the stacks.

Three of the residentkitties, Annika, Mouse, and Zak, have become quite the social stars afterthis videowent viral in early April. Posted to TikTok on the shop’saccount, the video of the cats on their catwalks has attracted quite a fan base with over 2.2 million views. One commenter asks, “Are you guys hiring? Sounds like heaven! Books and cats … ” (We have to hope the answer is yes on that one.)

Oh, and the fourth cat at…

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I pray to my heart


Let’s make love with glances in the shadow of love in the spring, in all the beauties our eyes see,💞

If it is evening, let the sun not rise for thousands of years, let our inner angel grow up making love on our bed.💕

our body, O God, our body must remain eternally fiery youthful in lovemaking,💕O Sultan of my heart, angels are turning into human beings and reading the human book,💖💖💖

While thinking, the past and the future are living in the present moment, woe, angels have descended into the book of love.💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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La nebbia di mare: “Caligo” sul mar ligure, “Lupa” in Sicilia e Puglia


Isola di Panarea – 24 maggio 2023

La nebbia in mare si forma quando vi è stabilità atmosferica e cioè in presenza di un vasto anticiclone. Quando una massa d’aria più calda scorre sulla superficie più fredda del mare tende a condensare e viene a formarsi la nebbia.

Per far si che la nebbia in mare raggiunga la costa serve inoltre un debole/debolissimo flusso di venti meridionali, in grado di spingere il banco verso il litorale. Le zone dove si verifica più frequentemente questo fenomeno sono l’alto Tirreno, dove la nebbia viene chiamata Caligo e in Sicilia e sul Salento dove invece viene chiamata Lupa.

A volte però vi sono nubi basse sul mare e a volte la nebbia poiché, anche se il processo di formazione di questi due fenomeni è quasi simile, vi sono delle differenze a seconda della pressione a cui l’aria è sottoposta a una certa…

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