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In merry Great Britain,

When folks went on a cruise…

They’d ride a train to the dock

To sail the oceans blue.

In the nineteen sixties-seventies,

New England had boat trains…

Taking scrap metal

To Boston on railroad mains…

All this bulk scrap metal

Was loaded into ships….

Bound as planned for Japan,

Becoming cars  and paper clips!

While American car makers

Were poor  reliability…

Japanese were the market shakers,

A higher quality product, you see.

Some folks always thought

Exporting scrap was fraught…

With such imposition

Helping competition,

With an automobile onslaught!

–Jonathan Caswell

(At least that’ how I remember it!)


He tried separating himself,

His work from the rest…

Expected lots to follow him

And pass his subtle test.

Alas and a lack,

Most stayed in the crowd…

Very few came over,

His ego broke and bowed!

Blog following prefers him here,

Amidst what he creates…

He finds noise and inconvenience dear

And his blog he celebrates!



A modeler’s view of “Bakery Lane”

As on the Watertown branch…

A place underneath  the road

Where trains are frequently drenched.

This looks relatively safe

For the freight train coming through…

On the Watertown Branch line

The tracks might sink into goo!

I think that real stretch of track

Is abandoned by now…

If Newlywed Foods -once rail served–

Needs supplies–they use semi-trailers more!

–Jonathan Caswell


IF I were modeling the West or South


I could simulate hauling wood chips

For a paper mill bound!


Structural steel any region can use

with buildings to erect…

steel companies oft ship by rail,

The truck to the work site direct!

Fancy the things possible in your dreams

Even while playing trains…

If only I’d finish wiring track,

then could “work” when it rains!

–Jonathan Caswell



She found a manuscript today

In a box of my things…

While searching for ornaments

And a plastic church that rings.

She thought I should stay with it,

What I gave up months ago…

My bucket list was fulfilled

Why publish for a big “O”-?

Suppose I could revamp the thing,

Just one more rejected decision…

I must be really incompetent

If my wife has to make up my mind!



Train tracks sit in the corner,

Not worked on for weeks…

The wonderful N scale layout

At it he peeks.

He knows he should be working

On it, getting trains to run….

He feels he’s abandoned,

His hopes are dashed on the ground.

He stops to plan scenery

Which is much more fun…

Unless he does what he has to,

It may never run!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Picture is by the Author…of the left side–and part of the middle) of the N scale layout mentioned)


Didn’t have time to cut off turkey,

Making a sandwich or two…

Preparing lunch quick and quirky

Ran out of prep. time too!

Took what was in the cupboard,

Peanut butter and bread…

Two pancakes and an apple

Tasty–my wife said.

She filled my water jug

And I stepped out into rain…

Nibbled on pancake all the way here,

Peanut butter tastes the same.

–Jonathan Caswell


Curled up buttery goodness,

Croissant light brown feathery….

Flaky crust—tasting a must–

Actual taste is heavenly.

Peanut butter on ends

Must dig out with spoons…

Croissants’ ends too fragile

Like the point of all crescent moons.

Digging spoon flipped,

My glasses’ lens nearly smeared…

With sticky peanut butter,

But the result–not as bad as feared!

–Jonathan Caswell


Mike and I  awaiting

For the paper girl…

Talking and debating

About this old world.

Paper girl is late again,


Four-thirty to quarter of six

Subscribers ’round here down to three!

Mike went for his paper

And I continued to write…

Pretty soon I’ll turn in too

And bid you all goodnight.

–Jonathan Caswell


I see the trees of autumn

Later on and see….

Despite grey undercoats

They shine out with beauty!

Not so much individually

But rather in groups…

Covering hillsides of glory

Leaf-peeper buses come through in troops.

I thought I liked the earlier time,

I think that I still do…

have to look beyond all the bare trees

To let beauty shine through!