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He going back a few years

When people held fewer fears…

About burning coal

For energy goals,

When a coal train regularly appears!

Not using behemoth power,

A giant producing huge watts-per-hour…

But a cool RS-1

To get  the job done,

Or a steam engine with cinder shower!

Close down this plant—Why?

So you got a little smut in your eye…

Berry bushes poke through–

Gonna wipe out thorn bushes, too?

Expensive scrubbers can clean up the sky.

Most of all–coal trains bring jobs,

Labor and wind farms at odds…

How many men

Does solar need attend,

Its labor needs at large?

Moving coal cars is fun,

As models–not the real ones–

Although on my pike

I’ll do what I like,

But not with the same need of funds!

–Jonathan Caswell



woe betide them that try

to se in stone what needs more time…

My turn table lost?*

without further cost?

Then I looked near bed time!

I thought I’d lost my lead

To that tyrn table, but indeed…

A curve could be made

With large enough radius laid,

To satisfy the using of steam.

A switch I’d previously cut in,

To one engine stall could run…

The other could Branch

From the turn table switch–

My space problem was overcome!

Envisioning a massive water wheel,

Fed by a sluice pipe has appeal…

This motorized–

Already planned (what a surprise?),

For which the tourists would positively SQUEAL!

And then, the bridge over a mill dam flood—

If I wanted, a covered bridge wouldn’t take TOO MUCH blood…!

Just for light tourist trains–

Steel reinforced all the same–

An occasional short freight could be good!


I wish I could draw all this now,

All it took was time to see how…

Possibilities arise

by opening one’s eyes,Imagination plus a day’s-worth of wrinkled brow!

–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE–Refer back to the post..ECONOMIC CHOICES IN MINIATURE…posted yesterday~!


Weather harmonics at work,

Temperature jumps and falls…

Extra coffee we perk

Most of us catch colds!

Up and down temperatures fly,

In the old days folks would die…

Hearty ones

Survived and made homes,

From New England stock came I.

Vaccines can help some,

Colds keep us at bay…

Bugs in the air have fun

Giving more germs away!

In a modern sense,

We still need germ war defense…

Weather off whack

Bugs will attack,

Increasing sick patients!

–Jonathan Caswell



The nature of the beast,

His situation at least…

Comes to a head

Hope’s nearly dead,

But not for the vultures’ feast!

Inside he asks “WHY?”

Should he comply…

Doctor’s determined

To see inner vermin,

Removed and denied.

At present nothing much helps,

His sense of malaise envelops…

Near all thinking–

The raft sinking,

He covers his head and cries.

–Jonathan Caswell


SO FAR…the paint scheme remains pure,

Chocolate and orange sure…

Providence and Worcester

Railroad is clustered,

In Genesee and Wyoming’s couture!

–Jonathan Caswell


Although poetry’s my bag,

The extras are a drag…

Don’t get me wrong

You finding my song,

Is worth an occasional gag!

FOR INSTANCE..Word Press insists,

I do my title first…


Have to revise

That number–which is worse?

Lately, with the tagged and catagoried,

I’ve posted some untagged stories…

While folks are here

They might as well peer

At them–they won’t be boring!

–Jonathan Caswell


The Light in our darkened souls,

Shines out from various holes…

It takes our will

To brighten it still,

A twenty-four hour goal.

Shepherds chose to obey,

After angelic display…

Wise men with long time

Goals were aligned,

Justified meeting the Babe.

A Spirit candle in thee,

By faith illuminousity…

Cutting the dark

Toward the mercy seat ark,

Following toward sanctity!

–Jonathan Caswell





Traffic’s heavy out there,

Is it Christmas…in the air…?

Gasoline fumes

Irritability exumes,

We’re in need of spiritual repair!

So came the little Christ child,

In days when traffic was also wild….

Soldier horses

And civilian forces,

Jostled for space in the aisle.

Jesus arrived to do

What his Father told him to…

The Babe believe in

Be freed from sin,

Gaining eternity, too!

–Jonathan Caswell


Skin soft and unmarked,

Bosom well-formed and arced…

Would you be sage

By telling her age,

This beauty cannot be mocked!