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Looking at his Comments Column,

A lot of people “call” him…

Lots of LIKES–

Stands to rights–

They like many posts within!

Others receive more Comments,

But his output is immense…

What–a dozen–

And he’s still buzzing,

To do so wouldn’t make sense!

Sometimes particular posts,

Of course his own the most…

may receive

A comment brief,

And that more than most!

But each has their own

Time limits to be “on”…

Grateful he is

For LIKES that whiz,

Stacking up here to beyond!

–Jonathan Caswell



A solitary man

On the turntable span…

He’s not Security

We know with certainty,

He’d be inside on his can!

Apologies to all security guards…including me!

–Jonathan Caswell



Worked a Saturday shift,

Got mixed up in time just a bit…

Woke up confused–

Had I over snoozed,

Had I missed a doctor’s appointment?

Went out to our living room,

TV preachers, near noon…?

Missed church–

Left them in the lurch,

They’ll have to lead their own hymn tunes!

SUNDAY–we praise our LORD–

At church or home He’s adored…

But we confused

Miss out on Good News,

Assembling to hear God’s word!

–Jonathan Caswell

Featured illustration is a picture of a church similar to one the author attends.




So much for flexible plans,

Zia called and here I am…


Whilst he’s hovering,

Being for his family the man!

He and I go “way back”

To when we both started in fact…

Weekends served

Often un-nerved,

At first, mutual attack!

Fourteen years at the site,

I am his friend in his sight…

When I had surgery

He came to see me,

And I’m been on call–like tonight.

–Jonathan Caswell


His shirt’s soaked with sweat,

Soldering smoke and yet,

He has had fun

Track wiring half done,

The track plan as complete as it will  get!

Still running the air purifier,

Don’t need a humidifier…

Plenty of light–

Three lamps shining bright–

His soldering iron  on fire!

Finalized a couple more spurs

From industry tracks that once were…

Salt shed track

Was modified  back,

To a siding with “green growing fur.”

It’s nearly one electrical block,

If wanted I could cut sections up…

But just one train

For this tired brain,

Spotting cars to load up!

I’m planning the tourist train,

Variety the name of the game…

A simple turn around

The turntable’s sound,

Add a trolley and nothing’s the same.

–Jonathan Caswell

The Poet refers to progress on his N scale switching shelf layout..




Ending  of Ramadan,

My work buddy wants to attend…

He has the time to take his Dad

And I’ll have some hours to spend!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Image from

According to a guy on TV,

The English (?) gladly…

Put on costumes

Because one assumes,

They want interesting lives madly!

Ready new lives to embark,

Dress up like the theme of a park…

Like Janey here

You’ll be sincere,

Making a positive mark!

–Jonathan Caswell



The weekend came and went,

He failed in his intent…

To clean up and wire

His layout inspired,

His time just came and went!

–Jonathan Caswell




My wife and I don’t share

The same values pictured here…

Both Christians, I know

But I RARELY show

Blog content that she’d judge “unfair”

(In my view).

Tonight I read to her

A poem about what  yesterday occurred…

An anniversary where

I was mostly not there,

I don’t want my blog  “censored”!

It may not be kind, but it’s me,

With a  certain privacy…

My self-limits are formal

In what for me is normal,

Not hers but  MY personality!

–Jonathan Caswell


Making mistakes keyboarding,

You’d think them I am hoarding…

Alas no way–

They’re new every day,

My urbane writing destroying!

Misspellings are common enough,

Extraneous letters–that gets rough–

As to which finger

I’d rather not linger,

Just correct and publish the stuff~!

It started (?) with the occasional “g”,

Typing the letters around that key…

Now repeating letters

With the “g” are my fetters,

Don’t dim creativity.

My worst problem is the SHIFT,

I think it’s done and I missed…

Not capitalizing “God”

Is common but odd,

are my fingers having a tiff?

–Jonathan Caswell