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His N scale model railway,

Unfinished to this day…

Is labeled P.C.

Not politically,

But “Procrastination Central”, he’d say!

So much on it still to do,

Each project is almost half-through…

Keeps changing direction

On theme selection,

Rearranging things as if on cue

HE THINKS…he’s nailed it down,

His scrap plastic pile’s quite a mound…

Rough kitbashing

Some parts go missing,

On which  he won’t expound!

–Jonathan Caswell



(See Matthew 6:30, and surrounding verses)

Fine figures and fashions

Ignite our human passions…

Clothes fitting right

A welcome sight,

On any social occasion!

Yet the human soul

Doesn’t need clothes to be whole…

If you think “nude”

Understanding is skewed,

Our coverings need not be droll!

Whom are you depending on?

On this side or the other of the “pond”…

The Lord Most High

Is “my guy”,

The Christ is the One.

Whom do you serve,

Bob Dylan observed…

That all flesh

With the Devil will mesh,

Unless God is served.

Focus on God through others,

Unbelievers are sisters and brothers…

All in God’s image made

Their sin price He paid,

Why their chances to know God we smother?

All men (humans) are like grass,*

how quickly a life will pass…

See Christ today–

Don’t walk away–

Who knows when one breathes their last?


==Jonathan Caswell

*Isaiah 40: 5-8



Like kids at a new place lighted,

Employees get all excited…


What can it nail,

Are the flowers all blighted?

Like kids at the store,

Camera phones score…

White colored lawns

And bushes beat down,

Did you hear that thunder roar?

Now patches of blue hue

Tell that this storm is through…

No more crowd

At the door talking loud,

Did our cars make it safely through?

–Jonathan Caswell





An ancient postcard emerges,

Prompting history’s dirges…

But look there

At cleaner air,

Except when engine smoke surges!

Today it’s an abandoned line,

The neighborhood isn’t so fine…

On a back street

Likely meet,

Some various crime.

A group wanted to run

This branch for profit and fun…

The winning project–

Walking trails I suspect–

In fact they may be nearly done.

–Jonathan Caswell




As far as a Mogul goes,

It’s more familiar with headlight on the nose…

The firebox door

I tend to adore,

But up near the stack—I suppose!

More familiar with the BOSTON AND MAINE,

RAILROAD whose Moguls all the same…

Had headlights centered–

On them I was mentored–

Those cute little buggers so named!

Two N scale steamers in stable,

Changing the headlight–not able–

That Bachmann 2-6-0

Doesn’t come so,

But up in front of smokestacks it’s stable!

The one problem remains,

It’s letter like the BOSTON AND MAINE’s…

Two steamers are mine

I’d like one another line,

For NEW HAVEN—I can re-decal with that name!

GOOD THING I have a book–

NEW HAVEN POWER, by Jack Swanberg, to look…

For steamers that meet

That arrangement complete,

I’d have to butcher the engine’s front for a different look!

THANKFULLY New Haven Moguls exist,

Up where the smoke stack is kissed…

Just re-decal

And all will be well,

Or at least I’ll come close to the gist.

–Jonathan Caswell


My model layout wanders it seems

Away from cherished themes…

What for you

Says “New England” too,

Beyond operational schemes?


MOXIE, barns red,

SPAGS and stores

With “colonial” decors,

Monuments to Revolutionary dead?

Dairies and granite quarries

In earlier days held stories…

Ice cream and views

Along the Turnpike count too,

And whaling ship stories!

Broad “a’s” in speech,

A Kennedy’s reach…

Where Plymouth Rock stays

And Sturbridge Village ways

Are preserved to history teach!

So for my small train set,

What industries are best…

Beverages and rock salt

Metals, food stuffs sought,

And historic touristy nests?

Gravel still travels by train,

Lumber and minerals same…

Environmental ire

Has dampened coal fired

Power plants, but garbage still flames!

A water-powered mill

And museum of trains fit the bill…

For small excursions

Of rich incursions into filling the local till!

Do you think I’ll have enough room,

I figure some things will die soon…

New England gives

And takes to live,

But survival cannot be assumed!

–Jonathan Caswell


When a youngster says, “classic”,

Depends on what they think fantastic…

The more educated

Have anticipated

Styles without plastic!

With ruffles and flourishes,

Classical style nourishes…

Feeding other styles

That borrow for smiles,

Which no one discourages.

Each blogger has a vision

Of what needs displaying revision…

Each works their goals

Fanning  coals,

Affecting blog decisions!

–Jonathan Caswell


Modelers of miniature

Things want to ensure…

Things look old

From wind and cold,

One can’t wait for the effects as long as were.

Instead of dirt, wind and snow,

We thin down paint and go slow…

Dry brushed details

Make model sales,

Varied powders to bring out its glow!

Everything has its place,

In climate, time and space…

Study the real

Then match its appeal,

Don’t forget engine phase.*

–Jonathan Caswell

*Engine phase, or phases of an engine or model, refer to the variations within the production life of a particular locomotive. Late or early, First through Third phase, etc. are all referring to these variations which may or may not be noted in the locomotive builder’s catalog.


Amazing what we used to mock,

As youth we consider “off”…

Older now

We realize how,

We, too, have grown soft!

In college there was a guy,

From our dorm room we spied…

Wearing shorts

In winter, of course,

Using our dumpster on the sly!

This poet is near sixty years,

After all this time it appears,

Wearing shorts

In winter, he sports,

Outside despite his wife’s fears!

–Jonathan Caswell


(PROVERBS 27: 17)

Washington Mills, North Grafton,

Abrasive mill very active….

Receives railroad cars

Industrial stars,

Economics effective!

My N-scale layout could use

Industry like this to choose…

Steady service

Makes no one nervous,

A good supply of brake shoes!

Covered hoppers, an occasional box,

Of iron pyrite–using lots–

Some retained

Some to St. Gobain,

And various other spots!

–Jonathan Caswell