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We are His children you say,

But He speaks–you walk away—

Hypocrites all–

At Christ’s feet fall–

Before ye are burned on that Day!

Burned by your own lust

And mealy-mouthed lack of trust…

All-Mighty God

You noise abroad

As deity gone bust!

Honor the Father and Son,

Shun not the Spirit—be done

With self deception–

There’s no reception

For any double-minded one!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Why make God seem loathsome because of your lukewarm commitment?*)

*The Book of Revelations 3:15-16  (New Testament of the Holy Bible)


Another batch of employees,

Sent here  learning subtleties…*

American strengths

And their lengths,

The “Higher Ups” to please!

–Jonathan Caswell

*The international company which is our job site

is owned by an Asian company that rotates staff

to increase business acumen throughout its staff.


Reading words not meant,

For one’s eyes presents…

Sudden desire

For feeling fire,

Especially from that event.

Magazines easily avoided,

Go looking on blogs, you’ll find it…

Rich food for the eyes

Quick compromise,

Initially one doesn’t mind it!

Have-nots want what you have,

Innocents rarely are saved…

But thrown in

Never again

To deny they’ve craved.

–Jonathan Caswell




Poppy fields in which,

Dreamers barely twitch…

Lost in dreams

Writing reams

Of psychedelic kitsch.

Dreams lovely to view,

Redheads especially too…

Artfully posed

In ecstasy’s throes?

Exceedingly pleasant to view!

Red–a passionate color,

Hotly passed to the other…

Reflectively disposed

After their throes,

Will she become a mother?

–Jonathan Caswell


He loves being in love,

That’s what the wags often say…

He wants to fit hand-in-glove

Before he walks away.

Preparing to pull her close,

To pull as close as he can…

Wanting to satisfy her

And still be a free man!

Gaining permission to touch

Brings him closer to goal…

Loving ever so much

While soaking up is his role.

When he’s gone as far

As she’ll let him for now…

He’ll hang on a little bit more

To see if he can sweet talk her down.



Just this moment he felt,

Wanting to into her melt…

Using the phone

Not so alone,

Sudden awakening he felt!

Innocently side-by-side,

A flash of her body he spied…

Under control

But moved his soul,

A hint of a flutter went wild.



Not as many allege,

There’s danger near this edge…

Grabbing stuff

Never enough,

Not even by paid-for pledge.



Some folks clean out the ‘fridge,

Others clean out the mind…

I hesitate a smidge

But some things I am not blind.

Focus on the true and noble,

That’s not always gender and breasts…

Things hung onto are mobile

Think of them as tests!

Who is God and worshipped,

Things of the world or my Lord?

Cast out that strange fire within me

That relations with God are restored!

–Jonathan Caswell

(There are several key words and phrases, pointing to specific Bible references…will you find them?)


Strong women are heady,

Semi-automatics ready…

Grooving on them


As long as men’s heads they won’t be threading!

Something about babes with power,

Redheads and brunettes who glower…

With gorgeous curves

And warrior nerves,

Fighting with a man who towers.

A man dreams he is up to snuff,

For loving that could be rough…

Oh what a sight

He dreams tonight,

This babe looks sexy and tough!

It’s said that men want devotions

From women with less emotions….

Hard to do

For women, it’s true,

He’s more interested in the motions.



Vicariously feeling heat,

Of poetic lovers retreat…

Wanting to plunge

In mutual lunge,

Realizing there’s no honey to eat.

Left standing  all alone,

These visions are not your own…

Kissing mid-air

A lover not there,

Embarrassed when bystanders groan!

Stiffening love has power,

But time to take a REAL cold shower…

Her poetry


Has brought the experience to flower.