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Spaghetti hits the fan,

Whatever goes wrong–can…

Letting things slide

Like suicide,

Leaves very little planned.

Brought it all on his head,

The wife’s got her own head…

Why try

Tired of the strive,

He wants to go back to bed.

Blames himself he’s isolated,

No confidant located…

But those for hire–

Credit’s expired–

In fewer discussions he’s participated!

Why anyone would stay,

He wants to hide away…

Have to muddle through–

Make an attempt to–

Would anyone pray?

–Jonathan Caswell



He’s borrowed a WIFI hot spot,

More bucks than he has, like as not…

grateful to Steve

For the reality reprieve,

He’ll give it his very best shot!

-Not having poems prepared,

He’s rather up in the air…

right off the cuff

May not be enough,

But folks seem to like these so aired!

–Jonathan Caswell



Trump said most recently,

Congress must see reality…

Force their spending

Like ours–unending,

Without taxpayer subsidy!

Republicans want to give up,

Business as usual stuff…

THEIR coffers full–

Why should they pull

For anyone when they’re ensured enough?

Check what I said earlier*


Blind to our needs

While their guarantees,

Set them up royally for sure!

–Jonathan Caswell

*See my poem  FIRESSTORM MATERIAL–POLITICAL, posted earlier today.


His doctor says this he should do,

His social worker, too…

Would he qualify

When give the eye,

He’s not so sure he’d get through!

It means being out of work

A whole year, of being inert…

A chance he’d take–

Make or break–

If failure he’s left in the dirt.

According to rules on line,

He might not make it this time…

Discomfort and pain–

He can drive all the same–

And nowhere near the fine line!

He thinks: put up with his leg’s,

Discomfort in order to beg…

The question at hand


He has things that he can’t renege.

–Jonathan Caswell



The blogger ended in flight

Before could sign off last night…

today at work

He felt like a jerk,

For a while it wouldn’t work right!

Repeatedly it shut down,

He signed off with a frown…

Waited an hour

To regain its power

And now he’s going to town!



He’s back to the hurly and burley,

Alone with his thoughts going squirrelly…

Kind folk did

Come to where he hid,

But retirement was too early!

He won’t go away,

Unless the Rapture’s today!

He misses the crowd

And shouting out loud,

To let folks hear what he’ll say!

Great cheers to the eighteen or so,

Visiting a blog readership low…

He’ll keep you informed–

His heart truly warmed–

For support you chose  to bestow.

Broken promises forgotten,

Being put off felt rotten…

Of you very few

I’m beholden to you,

For in compassion you were stopping!

–Jonathan Caswell


According to GROUND ZERO,

Trump may be the hero….

final man

to withstand,

A one-world government credo.

Similarly as how foretold,

Opposition is getting bold…

Both Houses packed

With folks who’ll enact,

What would allow NATO a foothold!

Shadow government’s in place,

Higher-ups we won’t face…


Destroying the free,

Waiting to play their “Ace”.

—Jonathan Caswell

*GROUND ZERO, available by radio and on the Web, with Clyde Lewis, has frequently warned of political undercurrents in American politics.


(In case anyone wonders…MOXIE Cups also hold coffee!)

REALITY IS…without a huge mug

That coffee brought down the long hall…

From a coffee machine down there

Is drunk in no time at all!

MOXIE mugs or paper cups

Have poor capacity…

Unless one holds back the thirst

And sips most daintily!

Used to allow us a pot down here,

Had increased capacity…

Water and grounds close at hand–

Potfuls would satisfy me!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell


Provided he’ll do what he can,

Accepting this simpler plan…

He’ll go back

When he’s more track,

One train at least ran!

Eventually paint it white,

Put snowy features in sight…

Cover with snow

Ensuring trains go,

Portraying Christmas night.

The other side—perhaps Fall–

No room to model it all…

Diagonally down the middle

A wall I can fiddle,

Portraying two seasons in all!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Two images of layouts with a center, double-sided backdrop)

Image result for  model train table with diagonal backdrop


In the rabbit warren,

Residents astir,

Some moving slowly

While others in a blur…

Refuse to be kicked out

Like  boxes, paper, food–

Some to be thrown away

And some to be reused

(for example…LEFTOVERS!).

The rabbits and their kin

Have grown rather quiet,

No party sounds within

Or of a present riot…

Looking out windows

At salt white-stained street,

They’re thankful for life

And for something to eat.

–Jonathan Caswell