The blog of Demi Monde,

Of which he’s particularly fond…

Accepts HIM as real

Not a character repeal,

From all the way across either Pond.

Her husband is a gem,

She’s blessed so much by him…

Sharing his prize

With our eyes,

Through her talented whim!

Obvious questions arise,

Where adults face beauty in guise…

Of another soul

Secure in their role,

Knowing their own inner lives.

It’s nice knowing it is okay,

To look and appreciate her way…


One can see,

And not let control cords fray!

As a mature blogger following,

This one hasn’t taken wing…

Others I lose

Track (did they choose…

Another platform for blog display?)

A woman blogger who is kind,

To a male fashion poet–that’s fine–

Light relationship

That won’t slip

With due respect–she’s a friend of mine!

–Jonathan Caswell


It must take courage to pose,

In plain or fancy clothes…

The public eye

(including guys),

In essence the whole world she shows!

More for a purpose than money–

Some responses are  rummy–

Courageous means

Fulfilling fond dreams,

Good reason to flatten that tummy!

Amateurs know whom they are,

Accepting themselves above par…

Not letting shape

Become like red tape,

But showing we all can star!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image of Demi Monde…courtesy Demi Monde!



Oh yeah…poet’s impacted…

When he is easily distracted,

But we aren’t flat

(mine’s belly fat)…

My proof is the way I’ve acted.

Fabric pattern and style,

These things I learn about and smile…

Think just me


Notices postured guile?

It’s nice that people share,

Comfortable with who’s there…

Gentlemen exist–

A few they may have missed–

A challenge in writing I bear!

–Jonathan Caswell


Sixty-one years of age,

Miniskirts are hardly the rage…

Fabric and patterns

Covering matters,

Loose-fitting generally sage.

The Missus would make her own,

Doing the work at home…

A sewing machine

Her kind of dream,

Making new clothes to put on!

Being somewhat stout,

She has to figure out…

Where the waist

And shoulder placed,

Confirms her beauty throughout.

Sad to see her fail,

I can’t help with detail…

Her machine sits idle–

Activities vital

She’s fearful she cannot prevail.

Catalogs give a hint

Of what twinkles her squint…

I shop there–

For things she can wear–

Though at times it costs a mint!

–Jonathan Caswell


New Englanders–no worries–

These are just a few scattered snow flurries…

They’ve come and gone

So we can move on,

Donning warm woolies and furries!

–Jonathan Caswell


The end is another beginning,

At least we end this one grinning…

My relief arrives

And I say “bye”,

Driving home to end the inning.

I guess he needed to roam,

Less beauty than there was, at home…

He’s older too

Abilities run through,

With less things working when done!

Beauty and conversation,

Not much of the latter this run…

No one got going

I wasn’t showing

Much need for conversation!

Met hew bloggers (to me),

I wonder who visits eventually?

Most will accept

Comments but not step (?)

Into this blog..if just to see.

Thanks to the regulars who tag along,

You are faithful companions–for how long?

When tired of me

Whole new worlds to see,

Each of us in our own ways, move along!

–Jonathan Caswell


Janey’s hubby is quite a good guy,

Willing to photograph

Hundreds of “atomicredheads,”

As the blog’s photo staff.

One gal I knew was willing to be

Photographed all of the time…

Or nearly so, to my delight,

I wish I’d not been blind!

Verna somewhere is in someone’s eye,

Posing as cute as can be….

I hope she met the right kind of guy

Who loves her in photography!

–Jonathan Caswell


We’re happy for the young,

Just look at what’s begun…

Guys have adored

This outfit before,

And for each generation to come!



going back to the beginning

to a blogger’s first inning…

seeing how they

Developed (what way?),

And what sort of tale they were spinning.

This woman’s fashion blog,

A lot of interest logged…

Beginnings viewed

by one or two,

But clearly potential they saw!

Her photos started out small,

A learning curve traveled by all…

Some were sideways

Just one of them days,

But now her blogging brings awe!

–Jonathan Caswell


Women, girls and men,

All like ladies’ fashion…

For different reasons

Throughout the seasons,

Each has their  own ken.

This gentleman would suggest

A few things to blog the best…

Most by fault

Have a frontal assault,

Too far away to see best!

Turn around graciously,

So women see “it fit ‘ME'”…

Show every stitch–

If your niche,

Photographing positionally.

Guys may watch as a given,

Most of your crowd are women…

Who want to view

How clothes fit you,

Helping them with a decision.


Up-close photos please…

Make a nice smile

If that’s your style,

You’ll sell those clothes with ease!

–Jonathan Caswell

Image from: “Rosie Rockets: a Red Lip and a Nude Shoe”