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His shirt’s soaked with sweat,

Soldering smoke and yet,

He has had fun

Track wiring half done,

The track plan as complete as it will  get!

Still running the air purifier,

Don’t need a humidifier…

Plenty of light–

Three lamps shining bright–

His soldering iron  on fire!

Finalized a couple more spurs

From industry tracks that once were…

Salt shed track

Was modified  back,

To a siding with “green growing fur.”

It’s nearly one electrical block,

If wanted I could cut sections up…

But just one train

For this tired brain,

Spotting cars to load up!

I’m planning the tourist train,

Variety the name of the game…

A simple turn around

The turntable’s sound,

Add a trolley and nothing’s the same.

–Jonathan Caswell

The Poet refers to progress on his N scale switching shelf layout..




Model a coal-fired power plant,

Environmentalist would say I can’t…

But history shows

There plainly were those,

So let those control hungered rant!

There are power plant advances,

Some environmentalists won’t take any chances…

That it might work,

And so they knee-jerk,

Against all but their own romances!

MY model power plant,

Burns alternative fuels at that…

Efficient scrubbers

Clean air for land lubbers,

Recyclable volumes–giant!

An opinion post—meant to be humorous–but some may find it offensive!  😀

–Jonathan Caswell


The voice in his head says, “DO IT,”

He’s not sure he’ll get through it…

Layout wiring–

His least favorite thing–

This weekend (maybe) he’ll go to it!

More than half the feed wires placed,

And he has willingly faced…

“Plugging” along

(Is a pun so wrong?)…

Then underneath wires are laced.

Power supply–nothing new–

A good power pack will do…

One has a short

Is it an abort-?

Maybe two small ones will do!

–Jonathan Caswell



Oh give me a home

Where the minstrels roam

And trains are filling each car…

Where coal smoke is fine

Up and down the line

And you’re glad for where you are!

Home, Home on the train,

Whether diesel or steam the same…

Electric, too, painted red white and blue

And America isn’t disdained!

–Jonathan caswell



The weekend came and went,

He failed in his intent…

To clean up and wire

His layout inspired,

His time just came and went!

–Jonathan Caswell




The blogger ended in flight

Before could sign off last night…

today at work

He felt like a jerk,

For a while it wouldn’t work right!

Repeatedly it shut down,

He signed off with a frown…

Waited an hour

To regain its power

And now he’s going to town!



Blogging at work or home,

Gets dangerous where I roam…

Even trusted sites


By security pop-ups grow!

Some continue to be

Adequate security…

Don’t know till I visit–

Risk seeing what’s in it—

I must approach cautiously!

Those free-ranging days are over,

Security is the score…

Making amends

To all blog friends,

Won’t be easy to get over!

So have compassion for me,

Protect yourselves constantly…

Don’t be foolish–

These bugs ghoulish

Won’t rest till they fry a PC.

(or whatever device being used)

–Jonathan Caswell


Layout planning changes,

History one rearranges…

In the seventies around here

Boats to carry scrap appeared,

In Boston to be filled before market price changes.

When a boat arrived

all area scrap yards came alive…

To fill this boat

all would devote,

A few weeks and then stay alive.

Thus like grain or snow,

Scrapyards have seasonal flow…

Like winter for salt

In autumn would start,

Ship arrival told when to load.

Where was this metal heading,

Japanese car makers  getting…

Ready to sell

More cars that kept well,

Unlike the American vetting!

Rolling stock needed I’ll use,

Body shells from old “choo-choos”…

A yard with two tracks,

‘Though I might take one back,

Lots of switching for short line train crews!

–Jonathan Caswell


–Jonathan Caswell


Modelers, we all try,

To model what meets the eye…

What the eye sees

Has to please,

But is different than the “other guy!”

Some have enough room

To show long trains and cars zoom…

Acres and acres

Of fantasy makers,

Including , in some, Grant’s Tomb!

Others, including myself,

Must fit everything on a shelf…

Loading dock and trains

Not much room remains,

To show a city’s health!

Maybe a cross street,

We’ll squeeze in for a treat…

Splitting the train

So crossings remain,

Open while the puzzle we complete!

–Jonathan Caswell


The plot is becoming thicker,

His excuses start to flicker…

Won’t have solder

Each joint–don’t bother–

These connectors are just the ticket!

His N scale trains sit quiet,

Needs? He needn’t buy it…

All is in place

If only he’d face

This wiring project–just try it!!!


Featured Image is of suitcase connectors in use.