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This Poet has the method to his madness,

To share my Savior’s joy and gladness…

Enlisting Spirit vim

for those who hear Him,

And eyes would open in gladness.

It is to celebrate life,

To announce my love for my wife…

To share God’s gifts

Freely to enlist,

Souls to serve Him  for life!

At least that’s the crux of the matter,

Engaging in meaningful chatter…

I want to show

God’s love on the go,

Is going for ever after!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell




(The Book of Genesis 32: 22-32)

Jacob renamed Israel,

Strove with the Lord’s Angel…

Up went the sun

Both had won,

As Israel’s hip pain would tell!

Wrestled all night with God,

Stubbornly living abroad…

Planted when

They were then,

God’s loving shoulders are broad.

The “Liar” became the “Winner”,

In faith so can all sinners…

Truly find cleansing

Relationship mending,

To break out of spiritual winters!

A new Creation was he,

The lying was gone you see…

In its place

Active holy grace,

The Angel brought him to his knees.

The Bible says he strove with God,

Not a man or a vision odd…

The pre-incarnate Christ

Before His birth night,

Was the Angel of God!

God striving with man,

Doesn’t flatten us although He certainly can…

But gives choice

Listening to His voice,

Instead of a absolute demand!

God wants love voluntary,

Not robotic or ancillary…

Jacob renamed

By the Most High Name,

Became a friend of God, not adversary.

–Jonathan Caswell

(Caught from a recent WALK IN THE WORD Radio broadcast series)


A number have said to me,

Your URL can’t be…

It won’t work–

Frustrated and hurt,

How can your blog we see?

I don’t think–I copied it wrong–

But hadn’t been used for so long…

Search the blog name—

I did and it came

Up like it belonged!

Even I have trouble getting to it,

An end-around works to do it…

Call me a liar

But this method “try her”–

Search THE MARVELOUS MUMFORD and get to it!

(or use the links from reblogs—to or from there!)

–Jonathan Caswell

The link that works is…


Controlling underwater

One’s breath whether son or daughter…

No bubbles seen

Is a really good thing,

If as a mermaid you’re expected to saunter.

It’s not as easy as looks,

According to text books…

Acquiring skill

Diving at will,

Gets envious looks!



He wishes he hadn’t gone

To see what the computer had on…

His tormentor–

Chief presenter–

Told him, just leave the leeches on!

Images on a screen,

Exposure to the obscene…

Big regret

That he let,

Those pictures into daydreams!

Exposing more to the eye,

Continues the fading high…

Holding his ground

At least is sound,

But the germ in his brain won’t die.

More and more guys struggle,

Seeing will power puddles…

Melt to the core

Without God to shore

Up the man in his muddle.




(An economic opinion)

Raising the Minimum wage?

The “Progressive’s” constant rage…

You will not progress

Because of largess,

The Liberals have you caged!

Do you want to do this for life?

Letting those in power knife…

Your improvement

Of yourself–that went–

You’re being kept down for their strife!

Why is a President proud,

Of increased violent crowds?

While he plays

Golf most days,

Partying often and loud?

It’s because he basks in power,

Liberal prospects tower…

Deceive you they will

And send you the bill,

And if you question–glower!

I really wish I could side

On the other political divide…

But conservatives too

Want goodies from you,

Watching their vowed principles slide!

Opportunities are out there,

Be real–stop beating the air–

Striving break free

Of given slavery,

If you won’t save yourself—who really cares?

Lucky to get a full-time, TAKE IT,

Work really hard to make it…

Caught at the bottom

Prospects are rotten,

Your human dignity–RETAKE IT!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)



Cute and efficient Leah,

Sat at a desk–we could see her…

Young spritely body

With service not  shoddy,

She’s who we both would definitely prefer!

–Jonathan Caswell



He wanted to find a story

Of another blogger’s glory…

Something enjoyed

Properly employed,

Day dreaming–was his story.

He wanted to learn technique,

Visually unique…

Didn’t dare ask

Help with his task,

They might not be pleased to help seek!

Women have an angle, I’m told,

That isn’t direct or as bold…

Relationship matters

Not just about the batters

And if they’re young or old.

Trying to run the bases

In absentia with different faces…

Men would see

How “good” they’d be,

While women would talk and hold their aces.

–Jonathan Caswell.



Been warned specifically,

The danger he ought to see…

Said, “Hey, good-looking”

To Sarah, booking

It out of here yearning to be free!

–Jonathan Caswell



“My” Sarah comes to the end

Of each work day, this friend…

Beams wider each time

In the exit line,

Then hurries out at day’s end.

Sometimes she’s no time for me,

Which is as it ought to be…

For colleagues so far

She’s the rising star,

Doing her part happily.

Sarah still stops to see

How it is with Security (me)…

It is a thrill

She chooses to dwell

More than a second with me!

Sarah is doing well

In her job as best I can tell…

So glad she came–

I remember her name–

She’s my favorite gal (can you tell?).

Expect she’ll smile more and more,

And I will as she matures…

I do indeed

Expect she’ll succeed,

I pray for her each time, for sure.

–Jonathan Caswell