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Depending on someone is scary,

A fact of which he’s wary…

He helps other too

But when they help you,

One is apt to be contrary!

Ego put aside,

Won’t go because of pride…

Accepting help

You feel like a whelp,

With yourself…how can you abide?

Reason says it’s needed,

Reason–not emotion–heeded…

Much better that way,

Your help will stay,

Rather then have patience superceded!

–Jonathan Caswell


In the Slough of Despond,*

He had to carry on…


In his realm he

Had to make good his respond!

It seems he alone,

Keeps his wife from a nursing home…

Medical too

Help him through,

But today he nearly was done!

Mice in mounting clutter,

Eviction is possibly suffered…

Not the first

Time they were cursed,

By piles of stuff discovered!

His health downturns,

While a living he earns…

How long can he drive

Staying alive,

Giving it up is what he yearns!

His new C-PAP has less

Air pressure so he must adjust…

Harder to sleep

Or fall fast and deep,

It’s tempting to make a big fuss.

Things working out slow,

Maybe guilt for something down low…

Wrangled a photo shot

Did he need it–perhaps not–

But for it his conscience feels low.

–Jonathan Caswell

*Slough of Despond..a place of extreme discouragement as portrayed in the allegory written by John Bunyan…entitled  PILGRIM’S PROGRESS.


Being offended defensively,

My wife endures that in me…

Have for years

Brought her to tears,

My thought that she’s criticizing me!

Confessed to anger beneath,

I’m easily primed for a brief…

Sarcastic burn

“Punch back” in turn,

As though her comments bring grief.

This dark side of a saint–


The kind of thing

To be spreading,

One’s witness with sin grows faint!

By the Lord’s  help I’ll succeed,

Already He works on my greed…

Anger must die

And selfish thought fly,

When just whom I need!

–Jonathan Caswell


Looking for plastic bridge parts,

His recliner underneath “topped the charts”…

Found his house keys

Mechanism had seized,

While searching its under parts!

This set had been lost for months,

He blamed his wife for them once…

So ate his words

The keys were unhurt,

For those bridge parts, there’s still a chance!



Constantly harps and bites,

Way beyond his rights….

Gentle persuasion

Not open invasion,

Better helps her see his lights!



It’s like a serial to me,

I frequently turn ornery…

My wife says “Stop!”

When I pop,

i offer apology.

At times I can tell why,

Afterwards why the “fly”…

Often the devil

Of blood sugar level,

Control–and I do try!

Sometimes a matter of pressure,

Pressured beyond measure…

Steam “poop” valves

A steamer tells,

Is for safety not for pleasure!

Sometimes merely nerves,

I’m older, if memory serves…

Unlike when young

Things aren’t as fun,

Especially icy curves!

Not getting a word in edgewise,

An unpleasant rival’s surprise…

Being forced out

May bring a shout,Which is not always wise!

I’ve noticed when I’m alone,

Letting down my guard I moan…

Being surprised

Anger might rise,

Defense of what is mine alone.

–Jonathan Caswell


How to define growing mental health,

Growing better from inside…

Counselor-client on different wavelengths

What standards are used to decide?

His second arranged very last chance

To summon healing guides…

Mind-body-spirit is hardly his dance

Or find himself left outside!

The woman he sees claims she relates

to nearly all of his ploys…

It’s hard when he communicates

Sometimes she  sounds like two-faced noise.

A wall blocking trust is lower today,

With his loved one is much higher still…

Counselor is happy with progress anyway

Hoping that his moat won’t refill!

Guided meditation she wants him to try,

It goes against his belief…

She tries keeping a non-judgmental  eye,

And tries to find other relief.

So, what progress can they report,

Certain walls are inching down…

He’s watching for things that affect what he says

Healing that old inner wound!

—-Jonathan Caswell


Returning up from the dregs

Of wonder between the legs…


The Spirit sees

This one taken down a peg.

From bingeing not on food

But absorption of .the lewd…

Your Word within

Like soap to  the skin,

A cleansing interlude!

–Jonathan Caswell


He hasn’t had much sleep at night,

His muscles sore and cramped…

Daydreaming again at night–

No wonder his nerves are well-tamped?

Dwelling upon the improbable,

All personal pleasuring…

Wake and smell the coffee Sir–

You wear a wedding ring!

None of us has had it ideal,

We all do the best we can…

We know you want more sex appeal…

At your age this is planned?

Pictures, videos almost free

Do indeed have price…

Get yourself off the frozen deep lake

Before someone melts the ice!

–Jonathan Caswell


Plans go awry,

When illness strikes your guy…

Crumbled plans

Require all hands,

To clear out and light the way!

taken a turn for the worse,

many think God has cursed…

No praises ring

Physician and King

Is expected to reimburse?

We all face good and evil,

Lives change by frequent upheaval…

Life’s not fair

but Godly care,

Specializing in Man’s soul  retrieval.

Godly commitment in marriage,

Many quickly disparage…

Working out ways

Together with praise

To God makes a well-oiled carriage!

–Jonathan E. Caswell