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(An opinion in a practical religious context)

Muslims Jews and Christians  agree,

It goes against sanity…

For “LGBTQ’s”

Both bathrooms to use,

With total impunity!

Guys don’t mind looking at a girl

Think she’s a man–what a thrill…

But “girls” made like guys

A boy often lies,m

Ro get hormonal toe curls!

Men and women don’t mix,

Anatomically betwixt…

Security most times

On women’s minds,

Secure and private functions are blitzed!

We believe humans basically evil,

This POLITICAL oppression’s the devil…

Giving predators free rein

And those who complain

Are chastised for being “evil”.

An opinion post, based on religious and experiential  fact.

Jonathan Caswell



Is it okay to marry for looks,

Are hot spouses allowed in your books…

Beautiful babes

Just one of the aids,

To find that partner who cooks.

Find one in the Lord,

For a lifetime you’ll not be bored…

Practical matters

And spiritual factors

All must come on board!

–Jonathan Caswell

Read portions from SONG OF SOLOMON…and Proverbs 31.


His endocrinologist said,

Get controlled or soon be dead…*


And he’s still alive,

But a little out of his head!

Activated payment card tonight,

For a change in insulin slight…

More concentrated

And highly rated,

To help him learn to fly right.

Management is still key,

Discouragement makes you sloppy…

Takes self-control

To fulfill this role,

It can be done honestly!

–Jonathan Caswell


If a miracle happened overnight,

What would you do at morning’s light…

My counselor queried

‘Bout things I was worried,

How’d I show my delight?

FIRST…cartwheels down the lane…

I’d hardly need to explain,

Making love to my wife

Each day for life (!),

Each of us healed of our pain.

She said, my counselor did,

The solution within me hid…

Neutral in mind

Relieves stress unkind,

Toward this she me has bid.

–Jonathan Caswell


Our God says do not “judge”,

Yet on personal moral don’t budge…

Male cross-dressers

Certainly pressured,

To exit what some see as sludge.

They say “J. Edgar Hoover”

Was…according to rumor…

but this guy’s

Authenticity is high,

I doubt any thought “J.E.H.” was  smoother!

Those who know my poetry well,

Know I was once in drag (it was hell)…

Hardly his league

I quickly fatigued

Of rejection’s awful smell!

How does God love one like this,

Christ sacrificed himself, no remiss…

He went gladly

For the whole world you see,

To reconcile Father God to such as this…!

–Jonathan Caswell

(with God’s Love…hoping it is received positively)


Looking for what isn’t there,

No stories or pictures of bare…

Ladies of sin

Pulling one in,

With figures beyond compare.

Tempting they are to catch,

Them who stray toward the match…

Every few weeks

It changes “peeks”,

Setting a new party patch!

Better to just stay away,

From that over-sexed way…

Pay to subscribe

To completely imbibe,

While  virus and cookies  have play!



How to define growing mental health,

Growing better from inside…

Counselor-client on different wavelengths

What standards are used to decide?

His second arranged very last chance

To summon healing guides…

Mind-body-spirit is hardly his dance

Or find himself left outside!

The woman he sees claims she relates

to nearly all of his ploys…

It’s hard when he communicates

Sometimes she  sounds like two-faced noise.

A wall blocking trust is lower today,

With his loved one is much higher still…

Counselor is happy with progress anyway

Hoping that his moat won’t refill!

Guided meditation she wants him to try,

It goes against his belief…

She tries keeping a non-judgmental  eye,

And tries to find other relief.

So, what progress can they report,

Certain walls are inching down…

He’s watching for things that affect what he says

Healing that old inner wound!

—-Jonathan Caswell


The questions are moot,

Wearing patriotic suits…

Getting th’attention

Is the woman’s intention,

Hoping to bear handsome fruit!

When guys wear patriotic trunks,

If their bodies are tight, they’re hunks…

Whatever they wear

The viewers don’t care,

They love watching manly hunks.

Beyoncé’ and other stars,

Parade on summer sand bars…


Help others to see,

All those stripes and the stars!

–Jonathan Caswell

Illustration vis Google Images)

a tragic hypothetical

a tragic hypothetical

(discussion situation that isn’t always real)

he’s struggled with it all his life,

the answer not solved with a wife…

Several years in

She denied him and then,

Increased barriers–more strife!

By the time she said “yes”,

Diabetic side effects…

Rendered the man

Unable nor can,

Situations that do perplex.

–Jonathan Caswell



A face that truly inspires,

Greed and avarice fires…

Dressed up nice

But cold as ice,

Does she care about what transpires?

Often idols are kept

Away from those who have wept…

A picture that’s true

Reality, will it do?

For those whose souls have left?

Women dressed up and admired,

No control over what transpired….

Men use romance

Justifying advance,

After brutally acquired.

(A different side of the coin, perhaps?)

–Jonathan Caswell