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Howbeit a man,

Explaining how best he can…

Techniques using clothes

To camouflage those,

Two parts that entice a man?

What I’ve  in fashion blogs learned,

Is that certain strategies discerned….

Are mighty effective

Distracting deceptive,

Respect in their eyes earned!

Denying men their prayers,

Dress in effective layers…

A blazer disrupts

Sight down and up,

Hiding those detail betrayers!

Mesmerizing pattern on dresses,


Shape and size

Of what man’s eyes,

Like about these dresses.

Better irregular colors,

Make observing eyes dullard…

Takes the whole dress

His attention arrest,

Focus is somewhat cluttered!

Looser blouses suggest,

Mystery that’s best…

Wear them tight

And you’ve no right

to complain about his interest!

Cardigan and ponchos in layers,

Are also good girl watcher slayers…

Not sure where

“You are” in there,

Less interesting then, for stares!

If she “goes without”

Be certain nothing pokes out…

Wear a T shirt

As a liner won’t hurt,

Or with heavier fabric, no doubt!

–Jonathan Caswell









Here at work the gardens

Look fine while the soil hardens…

In cold air

The mums are fair,

The rest of the plants reach their life margins.



The wind rifles my pages,

But I’d stay out here for ages…

The sunlight mild

And leaves whipping wild,

Are stuff of artists and sages!

Men and women add

Layers–not so bad…

Gusts turn cold

Making old,

People miss what they had.

Seasons keep turning around,

Soon snow and cold abound…

Snow flakes flying

Over seagulls crying,

For scraps along the ground!

–Jonathan Caswell


Fall foliage after freezing,

Rich golden browns stay pleasing…

From killing frost

Til snow storm tossed,

Our gilded time is leaving!



Up here in the North East,

Autumn’s become a feast…

Of summer-like temps.

Foliage that tempts,

For a week at least!

I have a few days left,

To photo colors I think best…

A little green

Few dead branches seen,

But color on most of the rest.

And there are flowers to catch,

Before killing frost wrecks…

Color abounds

Perfumed air around,

The leaving of the last batch!

–Jonathan Caswell


Going through mythological lines,

Are there fairies for these times…

Coloring leaves

And filling roof eaves,

And helping us have good times?

I’m hardly an authority,

Fairies not my cup of tea…

But it seems

When the wind screams,

who else could it be?

Good and bad in one,

Depending on wind, rain, sun…


Contributes I’m sure,

To fairy people to come!

–Jonathan Caswell


Early morning drive through

Arches green and gold…

Sunlight streaming branches  onto

Spattered asphalt road.

Zebra stripes of light and dark

Along a country way…

Glowing colors show themselves

Softened in array.

Evergreens counterpoint

Changing color trees…

Driving along  bejeweled lanes

Putting one at ease!

–Jonathan Caswell


Cooler nights in tune

With wood smoke perfume…

Gone is our stove

And treasure trove,

Of wood to warm up the room.

Electric–efficient, big bucks–

Missing those chain saw cuts…

Warmed you twice–

Chucking ashes then thrice,

We’d go back…no ifs “ands” or buts!

Still on cooler nights to smell

Fireplaces burning well…

Bittersweet joy

Splitter is unemployed,

Odor of security in the dell!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Outside wood furnace image from


Looking for what isn’t there,

No stories or pictures of bare…

Ladies of sin

Pulling one in,

With figures beyond compare.

Tempting they are to catch,

Them who stray toward the match…

Every few weeks

It changes “peeks”,

Setting a new party patch!

Better to just stay away,

From that over-sexed way…

Pay to subscribe

To completely imbibe,

While  virus and cookies  have play!



As of ten o’clock this morning ’twas here,

Ending of summer for this year…

The picnics you knew

And the hotdogs chewed,

And friends bring memories’ cheer.

Remember when old and grey,

Bittersweet feelings today…

More coats–no bikinis–

Autumn weather, harvest gleanings–

Perhaps a good time by the bay?

Green turning brown,

Halloween candy’s around…

Colorful days

In cooling haze,

Thanksgiving…soon inbound!

–Jonathan Caswell