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He wishes he hadn’t gone

To see what the computer had on…

His tormentor–

Chief presenter–

Told him, just leave the leeches on!

Images on a screen,

Exposure to the obscene…

Big regret

That he let,

Those pictures into daydreams!

Exposing more to the eye,

Continues the fading high…

Holding his ground

At least is sound,

But the germ in his brain won’t die.

More and more guys struggle,

Seeing will power puddles…

Melt to the core

Without God to shore

Up the man in his muddle.


a tragic hypothetical

a tragic hypothetical

(discussion situation that isn’t always real)

he’s struggled with it all his life,

the answer not solved with a wife…

Several years in

She denied him and then,

Increased barriers–more strife!

By the time she said “yes”,

Diabetic side effects…

Rendered the man

Unable nor can,

Situations that do perplex.

–Jonathan Caswell



YVONNE  CRAIG…1937 TO 2015

Yvonne, better known as “BATGIRL”

Or Commissioner Gordon’s  young pearl…

 Came to be


On her own–actress of the world.

Passing at seventy-three,

From breast cancer runnig free…

We lost a gem,

Her family’s been

Rocked by her mortality!

Yvonne also being adept

In cameo’s (like STAR TREK)…

Enjoying her roles

On reruns old,

We remember her with love and respect!

–Jonathan Caswell