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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  He’s not trying to grandstand—just admit to his guilt of certain motives and conduct and ask forgiveness of those he has wronged–whether or not they feel they were.  It is a part of his Christian belief…being reconciled to God and the ones he has wronged asking forgiveness of both.  There is a Bible basis to all this, which the author believes by faith to be the transcribed word of God to be followed and obeyed.  Especially when he doesn’t!  Questions/Comments are always welcome.

Writer of poetry,

The “fashion” got away from me…

Chasing skirts

Many women hurts,

Of this I am guilty!

Sought “readers” unsuccessfully,

The hidden motive–to see…

What interested

Where saints shouldn’t tread

And pester them endlessly!

The many unreturned visits,

Prove out how wrong is it…

I know my sin

Repenting therein,

Stop this practice is the solution exquisite!

I will  stillreach out,

In subjects not ruled out…

Walk in the flesh

Heavily risks death,

Gotta pull some hot irons out!

The upshot–some I’ll follow–

The rest–if they visit tomorrow…

I’ll respond graciously

But not the pest–not me–

I’ve sinned–I repent in sorrow!

My actions toward those of whom I’ve spoken,

From now on–contact is broken…

This I must do

So they’ll feel safe too,

No need of me in their business poking.

–Jonathan Caswell



Howbeit a man,

Explaining how best he can…

Techniques using clothes

To camouflage those,

Two parts that entice a man?

What I’ve  in fashion blogs learned,

Is that certain strategies discerned….

Are mighty effective

Distracting deceptive,

Respect in their eyes earned!

Denying men their prayers,

Dress in effective layers…

A blazer disrupts

Sight down and up,

Hiding those detail betrayers!

Mesmerizing pattern on dresses,


Shape and size

Of what man’s eyes,

Like about these dresses.

Better irregular colors,

Make observing eyes dullard…

Takes the whole dress

His attention arrest,

Focus is somewhat cluttered!

Looser blouses suggest,

Mystery that’s best…

Wear them tight

And you’ve no right

to complain about his interest!

Cardigan and ponchos in layers,

Are also good girl watcher slayers…

Not sure where

“You are” in there,

Less interesting then, for stares!

If she “goes without”

Be certain nothing pokes out…

Wear a T shirt

As a liner won’t hurt,

Or with heavier fabric, no doubt!

–Jonathan Caswell









Little stone pagodas,

In some garden corners…

Garden protection

By spirit direction.

Not wanting any reformers!

For those who believe,

These little houses conceived…

To spirits open

Gardeners hoping,

Blessing s are on the way!

For Christians, this garden art,

Tempts those who escaped  this part…

Of pagan belief

It is no relief,

Knowing spirits here park!

Some claim these are ornamental,

And we shouldn’t be judgmental…

If one has escaped

Being spirit chased,

Getting rid of these is fundamental!

When I see these—will they be removed?

No–each one chooses spirit truth…

We can pray

You’ll toss them away,

But it is your choice and your roof!

–Jonathan Caswell

*Please note that the subject of this poem is the author’s own opinion—no guarantees that either the provider of the illustration or anyone else believes as I do.  My friends have their own opinions and beliefs. Not everyone may be aware of what these cute stone pagodas represent, which I feel I should point out–then leave the deciding up to each person to decide for themselves!–Jonathan E. Caswell  I still love all you fellow bloggers!  🙂

An Opinion Poem

Image from the Friendly Fairy Tale Blog!



Martin Luther King Junior,

Was of a Godly humor…

In love he fought

That Christians ought

To walk by the Bible not rumor!

Willing to face,

Human kind’s racial disgrace…

Christian “saints”

Who said other “paints”

Were not of the human race!

Battled until he died

for his Lord crucified…

Hate didn’t win

when it killed him,

God’s love will never subside!

How many would lay down their life,

For Lord , for justice and wife?

He followed through

As I do too,

Who does all for the Lord gains new life!

–Jonathan Caswell


There are times I’d like to be under a rock

When arrows of hate fly by…

When  mobs shouting slogans are the ones being cocked

As a rapid-fire gun letting fly!

I preach peace and understanding

Of a human as evil as they…

But if they don’t get what they want this very second

Rational people are blown away!

Do you know the rulers who denied and ignored you

Are the very hateful ones yelling charge?

Higher-ups in the background. egging you forward

Only want their power enlarged?

“Progressives” don’t care about your families

Your finding jobs or taking a breath

Of freedom–they desire you stay dependent

And if desired–send you to death.

Raging at beck and call of professional handlers

Is not the way to be free…

Stop and think who you are really serving,

Will you listen to reason—MAYBE?

I call for peace and understanding

Not hate and blind fury…

Mobs tear down walls and break into disorder,

The reasoned among you better hurry!

On this rock I stand,

who will stand with me?

Will anyone see danger in the wind?

If no one else can vouch for a jury

Then civil rule may soon end!

An Opinion Piece–the Scripture says, in effect, “when I am for peace, they are for war!”



wake up you people.

–Jonathan Caswell, poet with as much right to his opinion as those being encouraged to riot in the streets—or trumpet hate here!


When reading the sad and sweet,

He thinks of his own need…

Desires awake

To find that state,

Betraying his wife by  greed.

He doesn’t want to betray

His beloved, but anyway…

If he  says he has  no sin

He’s lying within,

Just done it in different ways.

You gotta live to learn,

Salvation isn’t what you earn…

God’s learning curve

(This poet has the nerve!)…

Has no one immediately burn!

–Jonathan Caswell


My counselor  correctly,

Advised I face my problems directly…

With “E-Bay” mystique

I am up a creek,

Failed to quit once, dejectedly!

A penchant for “RS-1’s”

Have over-strained my funds…

So many bought

More than I ought,

Waiting for when the collection runs!

A second attempt to quit,

E-bay won’t let me do it…

It needs time

My account to decline,

But my reasons are very legit.!

–Jonathan Caswell


The hedonists chortle with glee,

This “Romans” book’s reality…

“Natural use”

Is women abuse,

 Selfishness becomes the key!



“ARTIE”, black labrador,

You wonder why in church he is for?

Quiet dogs are news

Among church pews,

Now what is in store?

Pastor Tony had no Intro,

Was playing with the dog (said so)…

He found a verse

In Psalm universe,

“Entering His gates,” we go!

Tony has a new dog,

The “ARTIE: hitherto logged…

Rescued canine,

Sev’ral families chimed,

In parts of epilog.

Artie loves his new master much,

Sstill. training takes gentle touch…

Artie bites

When in his lights,

He feels a threatening touch.

Artie, toward his master new

Parallels us and Jesus Christ who…

Says, “Now you understand

“When you bite MY Hand,

Although you know that I-AM loves you!”

Tony said (with his dog nearby)

The dog reacted just as I…

He didn’t mean

The bite as It seemed,

But like me, God wants to cry!

–Jonathan Caswell