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All kinds of stories about Him,

Major magazines by their whim…

Pile up “facts”

From historical “acts”

Pushing faith so thin.

Glorious videotography,

Impressing the simple like me…

Easily swayed

With not much aid,

Cast doubt on Jesus’ deity!

“Christian scholars” are used,

In programs where faith is disabused…

Faith in God’s word

Portrayed as absurd,

Is implied and accused.

Subtle persuasion proceeds,

knocking support from God’s deeds…

Historical’s fine

But draw the line,

Or your Accuser succeeds!’-

I’ve heard the insults of men,

And arguments of religion…

That cunningly catch

Your faith dispatch,

Woo you to legalism!

Stand firm even to stand,

Don’t be deceived even then…

Christ is your King

Give God everything,

Don’t stay submerged in you sin.

–Jonathan Caswell



Awoke to hear Doctor Graham…

“Billy” is his name,

Conduct another Crusade stand

Of Jesus Christ the Same,

He did not need fancy speech

to cleasr away the dross…

His Holy Bible and his faith

Pointed to the Cross!

Even though Crusades are reruns,

They are the best in the land…

For playing these from a while ago

Still brings god unto man.

The altar calls are real God says,

Come forward on appeal…

Save your souls–become God’s child–

Increase His harvest yield!!!

Many will ignore the call

To get right in gtheir sin…

But on review a beleiving few

Will hurry themselves in!

–Jonathan Caswell