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We are His children you say,

But He speaks–you walk away—

Hypocrites all–

At Christ’s feet fall–

Before ye are burned on that Day!

Burned by your own lust

And mealy-mouthed lack of trust…

All-Mighty God

You noise abroad

As deity gone bust!

Honor the Father and Son,

Shun not the Spirit—be done

With self deception–

There’s no reception

For any double-minded one!

–Jonathan Caswell

(Why make God seem loathsome because of your lukewarm commitment?*)

*The Book of Revelations 3:15-16  (New Testament of the Holy Bible)


Enigma within Christian faith,

Keeping “short accounts” being safe…

Living holy lives

By spiritual eyes,

Not the purview of apes!

Self effort has nil effect,

But the One Way through Christ accept…

To each other confess–

Pray to God, He’ll address–

But self pride for confession God rejects.

Security through faith, says Paul,

When law is removed Christ is all…

Act by Christ’s love–

God’s hand in your glove–

Walking more and more by Spirit’s call.

Spend much more time with Father, Son,

Live in the Spirit–three in One…

Bible study and frequent prayer

The tools to travel there,

To live in grace, “Thy will be done!”

–Jonathan Caswell


He knows what the guys go through,

He once helped run steam trains too…

One more run–

A little more fun–

Before the season is through!

For us, little Number Twelve,*

An oh-four-oh “T” to delve…

Into steam

Locomotion…the dream

Of a lifetime…where we dwelt.

That EVERETT two-six-oh,

Is a proud steamer we know….

Dimunitive survivor

With dainty drivers,

“Just one more run…before the heavy snow?”


–Jonathan Caswell

*Number Twelve, running back and forth on a siding at the Flemingville, NY , station site.  I stunk as a fireman shoveling coal…so I ran the little engine under supervision of the “old heads”(experienced railroad men).


A mine for “unobtanium”

At Clark’s Trading Post,

In mid-state of New Hampshire

May have coined the term first…

But he has ore of his

Named just the same,

It isn’t mined but “isn’t mine”

Part of a mental game!

He thinks he needs people

Whom he’ll never meet,

Who’ll be good examples

Of folks on which he’s sweet…

Based solely on peripherals

Not likely face-to-face,

It’s a sort of warped reality

In reality’s place!

He’ll focus on a particular

Feature or a style,

To generalize fantasy

To generate a smile…

If he’d just be more comfortable

with real people nearby,

He would not have to pretend

With a tearful eye!

We hope he learns to wake up

And seek out friendships real,

Not shallow generated

Images to feel,

In all his isolation

He’s held onto a few,

Who aren’t just fuzzy figments

With no living to do.

He’s getting so long-winded

I’m sure few understand,

The shadows around him–

He is a lonely man–

Apparently has not grown up

But will harshly criticize,

While missing opportunity

Right before his eyes!



He hasn’t had much sleep at night,

His muscles sore and cramped…

Daydreaming again at night–

No wonder his nerves are well-tamped?

Dwelling upon the improbable,

All personal pleasuring…

Wake and smell the coffee Sir–

You wear a wedding ring!

None of us has had it ideal,

We all do the best we can…

We know you want more sex appeal…

At your age this is planned?

Pictures, videos almost free

Do indeed have price…

Get yourself off the frozen deep lake

Before someone melts the ice!

–Jonathan Caswell


He’d seen it all before,

Popcorn all over the floor…

For sure the next guy

Would  give hue and cry,

Insisting he eat it no more!

This time a plastic bowl

Keeps better fragment control…

The messiness beaten

All kernels eaten,

His partner won’t howl so!

–Jonathan Caswell


Lets go a dejected sigh,

Asks himself just WHY…

Zipped lips

Managed to trip,

Agog with what met the eye!

His woman friend looked just right,

Leaving for the night…

Forbidden from saying–

On the edge playing,

His tongue flapped at her very sight.

His orders to leave all alone,

By his bosses was driven home…

When the lip slip came

He did feel shame,

And fear of being canned was strong!

–Jonathan Caswell


The questions are moot,

Wearing patriotic suits…

Getting th’attention

Is the woman’s intention,

Hoping to bear handsome fruit!

When guys wear patriotic trunks,

If their bodies are tight, they’re hunks…

Whatever they wear

The viewers don’t care,

They love watching manly hunks.

Beyoncé’ and other stars,

Parade on summer sand bars…


Help others to see,

All those stripes and the stars!

–Jonathan Caswell

Illustration vis Google Images)


arguments appear

amongst people standing clear

of a great fight

as to who punched right

and who hold ground more dear.

it’s unusual to pledge

love for the opponent alleged…

it’s not done

to confuse anyone,

but as motive, this gives an edge!

we need not agree

on how thing ought to be

but we try

to get by,

changing reality.

you and i can love

agape’-style, as God above…

did through his Son

the Holy One,

so we could see God smile!

jonathan caswell