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I ABIDE….by Carl Gooch

I Abide

I’ve never seen the good Lord’s face;
But on Calvary He took my place.
So now there is no question for me,
One fine day His face I will see.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
(In His love I abide.)
From me His love He does not hide,
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

Since the day I heard my Master’s call,
In my life He has been my all and all.
This is now just some game I play;
I know that I’ll meet my Savior one day.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
(In His love I abide.)
From me His love He does not hide,
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

On the day He placed His Spirit in me,
I knew in Him I would always be free.
He came and dried every tear I cried;
Now with my loving Lord I will abide.

He has called me to walk side by side,
And in His wondrous love I now abide.
Yes, in His wondrous love I abide.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 06 September 2015


That Last Sunset

Beyond that last sunset
A blissful morning waits.
Heaven has just begun
Yes, earth’s toiling is done.

Beyond that last sunset,
No more fears or regret.
Our Savior will take our hand,
And lead us to the promise land.

When with our savior
Calls us to our home.
A glorious day will dawn,
When this day is done.

Beyond that last sunset,
No more fears or regret.
Our Savior will take our hand,
And lead us to the promise land.

Our money and our gold,
Will matter not at all.
The only thing that counts,
Is did we heed the Master’s call.

Beyond that last sunset,
No more fears or regret.
Our Savior will take our hand,
And lead us to the promise land.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 September 2015


The Lord is our Strength

I say, hold on tight to the Lord;

Do not rely on our own power.

The strength of His promises,

Sees us through our darkest hour.

When the world come against us,

It is easy to surrender to its desire.

What looks so inviting soon will dim,

And we are drawn closer to the fire.

We can not make it on our own,

We must rely on His power and might.

Oh what joy and peace we will find,

Walking with Him both day and night.

We know we can do nothing alone;

So the Spirit brings the strength of God.

And in Christ we can do all things;

He is our source and our measuring rod.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

(Ephesians 6:10 ESV)

Carl A. Gooch ~ 03 September 2015


Your Prefect Way

You show me the way of truth;

Your word is the light that I follow.

I’ve found that this wicked world,

Is cold, void, empty and hollow.

I vow an oath before you now Lord,

To seek you with all of my heart.

I will study your loving promises,

And of your precepts I will not part.

Without you I have no where to go,

There is no refuge in times of strife.

Without you O Lord I am like the dust,

Reach out your hand and give me life.

Receive my heartfelt offering of praise,

Teach me, O lord, your prefect ways.

Fill me with your rules and precepts,

And help me to follow them all my days.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

(Psalm 119:105)(ESV)

Carl A. Gooch ~ 04 September 2015

HIS REFUGE I SEEK….by Carl Gooch

His Refuge I Seek

We plan and say we will do this or that,

We will spend hours on end planning.

We say that tomorrow is where it is at.

But have we sought out Christ the King?

We should seek God for His counsel;

For it is He who will test and approve.

He can see that which will trip or tangle;

He is the one to say stand or move.

We’re not God, tomorrow we can not see;

It is this life is what puts us to the test.

When our trials come, from fear we are free;

For we know that for us God wants the best.

We can speak true because we now know,

That the Lord our God is from everlasting.

The Lord is a lot more than a magic show,

He is our creator, our source, our everything

He does not grow weary;

He does not grow weak.

He is the one that comforts me,

It is His refuge I seek.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 August 2015

CHILD…by Carl Gooch


Child, child, child;

Why is it that you grieve me so?

I see your life and hear your lies,

But the truth I know.

With your lips you say

You want to love and honor me.

But when I look at you, dear one,

That is not what I see.

You only come to me

When it’s my blessings you seek.

Yet when you’re behind my back,

Its curses you speak.

Don’t you understand?

You’re my child, I’ll always love you.

But how much more would you have,

If you would obey too?

I know the glitter

Of this evil world is flashy and bright.

But when temptations come calling,

Call upon my guiding light.

Was it I gave you life?

It was out of love that I created you.

Change your ways and return to me,

And see the blessings true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 27 August 2015


When Troubles come

O Lord, it’s in your strength I rejoice,

And in your salvation that I’m blessed.

You have answered my hearts desire,

Your ears have heard my soul’s request.

Precious treasures you have given me;

You have wrapped me in a cloak of love.

I cried out from deaths door and you came,

Grace answered with mercy from above.

O Lord, splendor and majesty you bestow;

In your salvation your mighty glory shines.

You have smiled on me, and I am blessed,

It is upon your holy word this child dines.

My old heart now jumps with in me,

I dance like a young boy giddy and light.

I shall not be moved, I trust the Lord,

His love guards me through the night.

I will sing praises of your love and power;

My heart rejoices and my soul is at peace.

In times of great trial, when troubles come,

I’ll rest assured that your love will never cease.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 19 August 2015

MAY LIVE….by Carl Gooch

May Live

O Lord, let us see

With believes eyes,

That we may discern

The truth from lies.

Grant us strength

In our daily faith,

That we may endure

Our day in this place.

Keep our focus on you

On you mercy and love;

Turning from this world

And toward our home above.

Let us be mindful of

The blessing you give,

And all that you gave

So with you we may live.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 18 August 2015

I PROFESS….by Carl Gooch

I Profess
O Lord, I find refuge in you,
I say, “You are my Lord;”
Without you nothing can I do.
You are my shield and sword.
You place saints around me,
Faithful and wise in your sight.
Your word gives life to me,
It fills my heart with delight.
The Lord is my chosen portion,
For He chose me to be His own.
His love is as warm as the sun,
And His arms are my home.
The Lord has blessed me richly,
Beautiful is my inheritance.
Grace and mercy He gave to me;
The only one to bear my sentence.
He blesses me with counsel true,
And instructs my heart at night.
The Lord goes before me in all I do,
Only in Him can I do what is right.
He fills my heart gladness,
My soul rejoices in praise.
To Him my love I profess,
He blesses me all of my days.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 16 August 2015

NONE LIKE YOU…by Carl Gooch

None Like You

O Lord, I will proclaim your steadfast love;

You are the measure none can rise above.

My lips will sing sweet praises of salvation;

Your name will be honored for all generations.

Your steadfast love fills the heavens forever;

Your faithfulness has failed us never.

With your blood you made a holy covenant;

And I by oath, vow to be your devoted servant.

My family, through out all the generations,

Shall sing praises to the Lord of all nations.

I will let all the earth know of your deeds;

Like a farmer, I’ll be about planting the seeds.

You are faithful in private and in the street;

Your word is a loving promise, true and sweet.

In all heaven and earth there is none like you;

You prove day after day that your love is true.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 14 August 2015