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Sleeping in an office cubicle,

And not saying  I did…

Motion sensors keep the lights on–

The sleeper is never hid!

Now is it from restless legs,

Moving so lights don’t dim down…

Or is it when waking up

Movement brings the lights on?

Suffice to say the sleeper

Never quite could decide…

Enough that nobody caught him

The few hours he had to abide!




(to the tune of THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS)

I met a neighbor come inside

From bath rooming her dog,

She complained that the snow had,

Emergency exits clogged…

She was going to call the Office

Register a complaint,

To point out safety concerns

That doing so they “ain’t”.

I think a certain someone

Should go out pretty soon

And shovel off what they can

This late afternoon…

Sprinkle on some ice melt

That entrances are clear,

To make sure we are all safe

And none live in fear!

Part-time here becomes full=time

In winter–I should know–

I used to work at Maintenance

For two years or so…

But living in your place of work,

You’re the first line of defense,

You must be ready for the snow

For normal recompense!

I hope my neighbor calls soon

So a man may stop by

To do as requested

Despite the snow fly…

Maybe I can manage

A “landing” or two,

With some effort on my part

We will muddle through–

Yes, with effort on our part,

We’ll somehow muddle through!

–Jonathan Caswell



The guy who recently “lost it”,

Whose manhood is not a threat…

Still has a brain that functions–

He hasn’t  lost  all of it yet!

He likes the luscious looking,

Faves he has in fact…

Commenting he won’t be brooking

But is less likely to act.

His compliments of people

He keeps closer to the chest…

Experience in business climates

He does what is best.

–Jonathan Caswell



This growing ginger  makes me want to root

Around in Douglas soil to start a new pursuit…

We’ll call it “Douglas gold”–ginger ale so fine

With a special ginger beer–the label would be mine!

JUST THINK–we’d have a “Ginger Vale” accommodating vans

Of happy people coming to drink in enchanted lands…

A ginger beer garden with ginger gum for free

And ginger beer waiting there and special ginger tea!

Somewhere, winding ’round the place, we’d put a ginger train,

Riding cars with gingered roofs if it began to rain…

All this silly stuff takes time

But it is a new dream of mine!

–Jonathan Caswell



He’s fifty-seven years old,

A really nice guy I’m told…

But an inside secret

Gnaws at him yet,

The depths to which he’s sold.

A little boy comes out at times,

Generally there’s a pattern, he finds…

Exasperating, sure,

And hardly pure

The start of which generally blinds.

In secret it happens when

An obsession from back then…

Grabbed onto

Til it blows through,

Regretted and let go again.

Obsessions often hook to the past,

Something , some one, who didn’t last…


For what’s left undone,

Opportunities gone and crashed.

Funny–who lives in the past–

Unwilling to give up at last…

Letting hurts heal

Demands one reveal

One’s pattern and feelings out to cast.

Self-analysis is fine

But at a point must cross lines…

Into reality

Where a little boy sees

What he longs for is around him all the time!

–Jonathan Caswell