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(An opinion piece)

For all the children eaten,

For all His people beaten…

At least they’ll see


Away from life so fleeting.

Those who sit by,

Should hear the tortured cry…

Of a god and his raiders,

Hateful invaders,

Who make victims want to die!

“Progressives” who don’t care a whit,

Yawn saying “get on with it”…

So we can win

Not looking at sin,

“That doesn’t bother us one bit.”

They call themselves upright,

But that won’t wash tonight…

Jesus weeps

While a ruler keeps

His vacation schedule tight.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece—of the Poet and those who truly care for others—photo ops. not withstanding!)



(An economic opinion)

Raising the Minimum wage?

The “Progressive’s” constant rage…

You will not progress

Because of largess,

The Liberals have you caged!

Do you want to do this for life?

Letting those in power knife…

Your improvement

Of yourself–that went–

You’re being kept down for their strife!

Why is a President proud,

Of increased violent crowds?

While he plays

Golf most days,

Partying often and loud?

It’s because he basks in power,

Liberal prospects tower…

Deceive you they will

And send you the bill,

And if you question–glower!

I really wish I could side

On the other political divide…

But conservatives too

Want goodies from you,

Watching their vowed principles slide!

Opportunities are out there,

Be real–stop beating the air–

Striving break free

Of given slavery,

If you won’t save yourself—who really cares?

Lucky to get a full-time, TAKE IT,

Work really hard to make it…

Caught at the bottom

Prospects are rotten,

Your human dignity–RETAKE IT!!!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)



The problem was both had hurts,

Committed by trousers and skirts…

Commitment to trust

Gathered rust,

Both thought the other curt.

Walls and grudges build

Despite commitments to yield…

Many a marriage

Is disparaged,

By combat in the field.

Obvious one doesn’t understand,

The other’s health demands…

One bends over,

The other takes over

And pushes one into badlands.

The verbose one wonders why

The silent one won’t try

to open

As they’re hoping,

To fill them in bye-and-bye.

The silent one’s thoughts run sarcastic,

The other one listens to drastic…

And half the time

Is not so inclined,

They both fall into that basket!

–Jonathan Caswell



(For this year)

Daylight Savings Time,

Your end is locked in rhyme…

The sky will be black

As we drive back,

From a first shift paradigm!

In summer it was okay,

Sunlight would light our way…

But it’llĀ  be dark

Where the car’s parked,

A flashlight must light our way!

Out in the Mid-West,

Some counties decide which is best…

Indiana and Illinois

Towns have a choice,

Use Standard time or side with the rest (of us).

Depression on average worsens,

This Time change doing the cursing…

Personal sunlamps

Require amps

And deeper pocket incursions.

some don’t like driving at night,

It’s awfully hard on the sight…

Driving by feel

Skill revealed,

The alternative is fright!

Each year we have to relearn

Respect for snow plows that earn…

Salt and sand as well

So one can tell

If the road can support a quick turn.

Driving in dark–semi-blind–

Takes courage of a yearly kind…

But we’ll get through,

What can you do

When the creditor wants their “dime”?

–Jonathan Caswell