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(An educated sociological opinion)

In certain circles of prayer,

Evolution is demonized there…

The theory’s impact

Is certainly fact,

Permeating everywhere!

The facts, although little known,

With seeds of anarchy sown…



Of power plays in were thrown.

Both Marx and Margaret Sanger,

Thought “evolution” a banger…

Of idea to steal

And pay for meals,

Focussing their powerful angers!

It made a fine label indeed,

To camouflage actual creed…

Underlying motive

A label won’t give,

Separating reason from deed!

The “good soldiers” will respond,

To leaders of whom they grow fond…

These “soldiers” dare,

Not question or care

For thinking their actions beyond.

For then, any reason will do,

As long as there is follow-through…

Reasons obscured

Helps power assured,

While the folks on the bottom get screwed!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An educated sociological opinion)



(To “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)

I’ve heard that fourteen inches

Is possible ’round here,

It’s not the snow that bothers me

But icy roads I fear…

Down in Douglas we had rain,

A drizzle so nice–

I’m just afraid when I go home

It all will turn to ice!

Oh, the sanders and the snowplows,

They are my greatest friends…

I know that they’ll be working

Until this storm ends…

I don’t begrudge them coffee breaks

Or taking time to eat,

If they work on until it’s done

They all deserve a treat!

It only took an hour

On slippery roads today,

To drive north to my job

Along the State Highway…

A couple plow phalanxes

I followed going slow,

Kept me safe and made the roads

Safe for all to go!

Oh…the sanders and the snowplows…

They are my greatest friends,

I know that they’ll be working

Until the need ends…

I don’t begrudge them coffee breaks

Or taking time to eat,

If they work on until it’s done

They all deserve a treat!

–Jonathan Caswell




Our snow plowing “johnny-on-the-spot”

Company is working in the lots…

Both Upper and Lower

Now that snowing’s over

By contract to tittle the jots.

They do better than the former

Company, which caused great murmur…

Pulling “donuts” in the Upper

Lost them their supper,

That contract was shot, pro forma.

Again these plow guys do

All and more than they have to…

They come before called

This client’s enthralled

And glad that these plow guys are true.


–Jonathan Caswell





(Sing to “Animal Crackers in My Soup”…ie: Shirley Temple)


Traffic lines were well-behaved,

Those of us who outside braved

All of the slipp’ry roads to drive…

To make a living and survive!

As much as twelve inches are forecast

Drifting will come with icy blast,

It may warm up a degree or so

After we’re done with falling snow.

I got to work only ten minutes late

And could have drawn a much worse fate,

The guy I relieved was ever so kind..

Telling me not to worry my mind!

I’ll stay here til one a.m.

Then making my way back home again,

Maybe the plows will be an inch farther down…

To the pavement, at least in town.

Snow storms come and then they go,

Looks rather pretty don’t you know…

Once we are in we stop and admire

The beauty outside from a warming fire!


–Jonathan Caswell






For Your Country Pray

Godly people will come and say,
Call to the Lord, He’ll hear you pray.
There is strength in the bended knee,
Come, let us go and voice our plea.

His laws have gone out to the land,
But they have been twisted by man.
His word reveals to us a better way
And it teaches us the truth everyday.

He first love you that you may know,
And that His love you would show.
Some have lost sight of this first love,
And have turned away from God above.

The Lord God sees what is being done;
He knows the wickedness of the evil one.
Turn around you great nation under God,
Follow where the Lord our King trod.

Do not be incited by the world’s evil lie,
Nor drink its pretty poison or you will die.
Your eyes are open, the future is scary.
Turn to the Lord our God; do not tarry.

Heed well, what those Godly men say,
Join voices and for your country pray.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 05 December 2013



(if you read this…don’t hurt me!)


Perhaps man should be satisfied

With whom passes by being “eyed”…

When that’s not enough

The alternative’s rough,

Finding pictures properly supplied.

He knows Bible passages say*

Sowing flesh can’t save the day…

Yet when nerves get tight

Sometimes just a sight

Of comfort forestalls the fray.

His complaint is with the computer,

Supposedly which is neuter…

Which responds popularly

Imaging jocularity,

To the lowest baseline accoutred.

When he just want good-looking women

He finds his eyes swimming…

In kinky nude

Porno attitudes,

For nearly all search words given!

At least when he searches Fashion,

He’s less likely face-shot by Passion…

Over the top

And topless–first pop,

He doesn’t want bondage-lashings.

He frankly likes “his” women clothed,

The “over-the-top” stuff he loathes…

After a while, nude is boring (!),

He’s no desire exploring

Genitalia grossly exposed!

Has he driven blog followers away?

He hopes that by some miracle, they’ll stay…

It’s not easy being him

Or his friends–catch his whim,

Things that by poetry, he’ll try to say. 

Men and women too,

Have pressures naturally to get through…

Before a dam breaks

Find suitable “slakes”

That won’t make our stereotypes true!


–Jonathan Caswell

* Galatians 6: 7-8…yet sometimes we compromise to get by.  Christians having their salvation by belief solely in Christ’s finished work of His perfect sacrifice and resurrection (His doing only, none of ours)–Ephesians 2: 8-9–still have to depend upon a gradual (in one sense) sanctification to go through in this life…while being declared in Christ to be positionably righteous in the sight of God so we may (clothed in Christ) approach God in the very Holy of Holies, getting increasingly personal with Him. (Hebrews 9: 11-15, 23-28; Hebrews 10: 5-10, and following…and the warning for believers in verses 19-39—!!!)









We’ve got a bit of a problem

Identifying a sound…

Coming from neighboring swampland,

From birds or raccoons around?

Its loud, high-pitched “chittering”

From several places will call….

The creatures that are calling

Don’t seem to be moving at all.

It could even be amphibian

In nature making the sound…

If only we had a naturalist near,

To help out by being around.


–Jonathan Caswell



PSA: WordPress under attack, reblogged from Blogging with Amy

Amy, from Blogging with Amy, just sent out a blast email to alert users that WordPress is under attack.  I’m just passing along word in case this applies to any of you – from what I can tell, this mainly applies to self-hosted users.  Amy offers three ways to protect yourself.

That’s all, folks.  Hope you’re otherwise having a good weekend.

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  1. Many thanks for the warning. I haven’t experienced any issues thus far but I will watch out for warning signs.

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by Jonathan E. Caswell, M.S.E.

The Presidential nominees,

Would both jack up classroom fees…

The unions would win

With money again,

And teachers have less time to teach.

With paperwork, kids to control,

Not much time is left to instill…

Loving of learning

Curiosity burning,

Making life a thrill!

For me, I learned analysis,

In English without paralysis…

In the classroom

Ms. Search could groom,

Us for intellectual success.

(Below image from Facebook)