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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  He’s not trying to grandstand—just admit to his guilt of certain motives and conduct and ask forgiveness of those he has wronged–whether or not they feel they were.  It is a part of his Christian belief…being reconciled to God and the ones he has wronged asking forgiveness of both.  There is a Bible basis to all this, which the author believes by faith to be the transcribed word of God to be followed and obeyed.  Especially when he doesn’t!  Questions/Comments are always welcome.

Writer of poetry,

The “fashion” got away from me…

Chasing skirts

Many women hurts,

Of this I am guilty!

Sought “readers” unsuccessfully,

The hidden motive–to see…

What interested

Where saints shouldn’t tread

And pester them endlessly!

The many unreturned visits,

Prove out how wrong is it…

I know my sin

Repenting therein,

Stop this practice is the solution exquisite!

I will  stillreach out,

In subjects not ruled out…

Walk in the flesh

Heavily risks death,

Gotta pull some hot irons out!

The upshot–some I’ll follow–

The rest–if they visit tomorrow…

I’ll respond graciously

But not the pest–not me–

I’ve sinned–I repent in sorrow!

My actions toward those of whom I’ve spoken,

From now on–contact is broken…

This I must do

So they’ll feel safe too,

No need of me in their business poking.

–Jonathan Caswell




(Adult Topic)

Become impotent

His fading manhood laments…

But what is inside?


Little feeling left,

No place left to vent the ache…

Must thinking change, too?


Engorgement all gone,

Being faithful accepts lack…

No one left to love.


How to love without?

Can a man still be a man”’

His woman knows that!


Appreciates form,

Less likely liquid lusting…

Why keep the old ways?


Is safer this way…

For all women that he sees,

Much less threatening!


Power lust remains,

That…no non-phallic can cure…

Bad apples near tree.

–Jonathan Caswell



Today our nation prays,

At least in Christian ways…

That our nation

Regains station,

Renouncing the Devil’s ways.

Mr. President, precise;y,

You’ve no authority…

Over Who may

Be invited to pray,

You aren’t the head of Christianity!

Mr. President why do you ignore

That Christians are crucified more…

Then first cengtury

Churches–can you see?

Or do you love Muslim fanatics more?

The Apostle Peter recommended that,

We not keep prayers under hat…

But pray for our leaders

Even those we think cheaters,

That if lost, the Lord will bring them back!

Some folks will gather on commons,

Or in churches to answer Godly summons…

To pray for our nation

That rejects God’s salvation,

And we fear may soon see its comeuppance!

Jonathan Caswell



(The Gospel of John 8:3-11)

Christians acting more than one way,

Embarasses God today…

Not walking the talk

Makes unbelievers balk

At believing God’s Word on display.

The Phaisees tested Christ,

The adulterous woman device…

The man on loan

Probably of their own,

Was kept from his blood sacrifice.

Jesus Christ wrote sand and stones

To the sound of a scared woman’s moans…

He knew she sinned

While His tauntors grinned,

Thinking they had cajones.**


Christ didn’t ask “Where was the man?”

But short-circuited the plan…

Who threw the first rock

Had to take stock,

Was he a sinless man?

–Jonathan Caswell

(An answer for a recent blogger conversation)



“Le Sacre du Printemps,”**

Sgtravinsky’s ode to Spring…

Eviscerates the inner man

As discordant chords ka-ching.

Heavy rumblings from the rite

Of virgins dancing ’round…

Past Elders staring hard

To see which will be bound.

Spring rites of fertility

Deeper than Druids’ way…

Hold the ancient mysteries

Before talen away!

On and on the weary cycle goes,

Building to a lusty fever pitch…

Every year the Elders get their choice–

All this to celebrate that  itch.!

–Jonathan Caswell

** “Le Sare du Printemps (in French)” , or, THE RITE OF SPRING, by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, was written in 1913, as an avant-garde piece of orchestral opera…with stage settings, choreography and costumes.  Its debut on May 29,1913 caused a near riot in the audience!  Listen to it…and you’ll inderstand why (not easy to listen to, the first time.  Information largely from WIKIPEDIA….and memory.



(Opinion…with humor, I hope!)

You want to see “higher than thou,”

Nonbelievers are your choice…

Trying to tell them anything

They think it obnoxious foist.

Evidence doesn’t mean a thing

Unless it’s on their terms…

If you’re not a “Carl Sagan”

They say, “Oh go eat worms!”

It’s true we are oft judgmental,

Mostly about ourselves…

Loving the love of God ain’t easy

With works religion still on  shelves.

None of us are perfect,

In short, neither are you…

If antagonism is what you expect

Then that’s the tea that will brew!

Are we really sanctimonious?

Look in the mirror and see…

If you can bring the walls down some,

You can chose to talk with me!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell



(As on: _

1. Would you rather be twice as smart or twice as happy?–i’VE FOUND A WAY, BY BEING SMART, i MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY.So I’ll take twice as smart—and accept the consequences!

2. What’s my worst habit?–It’s a tie…between chewing my fingernails and not taking proper care of myself.

3. Are you dating?–No.  to know one woman over a lifetime is hard enough!  🙂

4. Take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?–I think used ones get tossed…so, yes, but it’s been a long time since I could.

5. What will you never do again?–Igmore a bloody toe—if at all possible—lost two toes and nearly my right foot through amputation, be cause I did ignore one!

6.  Do you collect anything?–Poems—mostly my own, model trains decorated for the North East U.S. railroads and in N scale.  Also, Facebook and WordPress blog folowers, friends,cat memories,stories, fleas (not any more!), kisses from my Missus.

7. Worst injury?–the above-mentioned amputation, putting me out of action for six months!

8. Favorite pet animal?   An ALCO RS-1….oops, not an animal…just growls like one!  Cats…paws down.

9. Dream vacation?  Visiting a train excursion….and lots of sleep!

10. Are things going the way you planned?–I leave long-term goals to the Lord, but—yes things are getting more predictable.   But…until WHEN????

11. Any TATOOS??–Nope…nor plan any.

12. My secret to lure in the opposite sex?—Hmmmm.     I don’t try anymore—I’m spoken for!  🙂

13 (Will he ever make it through all 50-?). Any phobias?==YES.

14. (See #2., above)

15. Do you evefr count your steps when you walk?–Yep.

16. Heels or flats?–small heels…like guys wear.  completely flat slippers are harder and hurt to walk in.

17. Have you ever stolen a street sign?–No, but I’ve sputtered about those who did!

18. Do you always smile for pictures?—Try to.  I sketched a self-portrait once, giving it to my Mom.  She tore it all up because I wasn’t smiling!  Wish I had gotten a copy of it first!

19. Ever dance with no music playing?–Gotten hard for me to keep my balasnce, much less dance.  But, yes, I will react to music in my head.

20. Do you miss anyone right now?–I missed putting through a call correctly about an hour ago…!

21. Favorite color?—Blue—it’s what I look the best in.

22.Did I/we want kids?–Yes, but didn’t work out.

23. Are you patient?–close associates might say yes, but I and my wife know better!   Generally yes.

24. Can you swim?–Yes, but I’m out of practice and out of shape.

25. Tea or coffee?–Mostly coffee. Some tea…when I need to relax or feel better.  My parents didn’t want to use the narcotics available back then to ease my teething pain.   The doctor suggested tea with milk and sugar…and it worked.   Was eating coffee ice cream before even trying coffee to drink!

26. (The down-hill stretch!!!!)  What do you wear to bed? –some clothes.

27. Ever used a gun?–A BB gun, one summer.

28. Do you sing in the shower?–Don’t stay in there long enough!  🙂

29. Are you stubborn?–Who…me?

30. Are you lazy?–I used to say I was…but the wife strongly disagrees!

31. Can you change the oil in a car?–Used to…in the old Toyota.  Can’t do it in the parking lot of where we live and things generally need a lift to do it…so we pay others to do it.

32. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?–Been a long time!

33. Would I ever pose nude?–Nope. it would be too scary—for them!  My body is owned by my wife.  She gets to see my “birthday suit”…and maybe my doctor!

34. My favorite food?–hard to say!


36. What movies can you watch over and over again and not get bored?–Ain’t many.

37. What super power would you have for one day?–Prophesy, for edification.

38. What’s been ypur favorite age, so far?–The Present.Age…or my current age.

39. How old are you?–57…as of Octoberr 4th, last year.

40. Advice for a younger you?–Trust God and just make whatever decision seems best at the time.Do that when you have to, God will work out the rest.

41. (Getting tired yet?—Yeah, me too!) If you knew you would die in one week?–I’d finish my will to protect my wife…then keep on plugging at whatever the Lord would have me do.

42. What celebrity would you trade lives with?–None.  I was unwilling to pay the price for fame when I could have and I still won’t.

43. Do people ever take you seriously?–More often than I think and less often than I’d like!

44. What happened the last time I cried?–It was a cathartic Thursday in physical rehab. And no one was willing to hjelp me talk it through!  What I wouldn’t have given for a properly-trained Chaplain then!

45. Who knows me best?–My wife, my friend Zia, and my Lord..

46. Sleep with closet doors open or closed?--Either–The Lord keeps me safe from the bogeyman…or bogeywoman!!!   😀

47. What is your song of the week?–My wife asked about “The Blue Sapphire of Johnsburg”, a song I’d written for her using the tune of THE YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS.  It’s in my blog Archives, if you want to see it. I think I’ve written more parody lyrics of that tune than any other.

48. Last person ypu kissed?–My wife, before driving to work today!

49. Best thing to eat for breakfast?–A can of cold Spaghettios…when they were only 50  cents a can!

50. Does anyone know the password to your E-mail?==I SURE HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!

–Jonathan E. Caswell

(Anyone else want to try doing this?)



World concerns brought forth

Who really listens or cares

Profit selling wares!


Jesus died for all

Not all will come to be saved…

Everyone must choose!


Blending words to fit

Intimate, growing ideas…

Poetry lives on!


Softer words appear,

Thinking of a real-live doll,

Hugable by me!  🙂

–Jonathan Caswell



In the East or West we see

Hidden sex slavery…

Women, girls and boys

Treated like toys,

Death being the only exit they see.

Christian redeem with money

Children billed as honey…

To abuser bees

Satisfying perverted deeds,

Who think resuing vicgtims funny.

Christian missionaries hide

Indentities where they reside…

Whoremongers dream

Of capturing redeemed,

Returning them to the inside.

Why is it that only Christ

Considers all people worth the price…

His death and resurrection

At the Father’s direction

For ALL SOULS was sacrifice!

So easily Westerners ignore

The plights of the forced-into-service whore…

Recruited by lies

Then beaten, despised,

Made to accept it all—and more.

More than likely some claiming to be Christ’s

Think “behind His back” they have rights…

To fondle and abuse

Anyone they choose,

Boldly going down with red lights.

(Vengence is Mine, saith the Lord!)

–Jonathan Caswell



Gradually changing to be

From caregiver to “care-for-me”…

Independence fails

As the subject flails,

Struggling for quality.

Working in nursing homes

Keeps folks from being alone…

One has to harden

Then, not pardon

The frequent unending drone.

Folks who can still be kind

In the face of that sort of grind…

Have my vote

As folks with a Coat

Of Arms—of a gentle mind!”

In Rehab, I took time

To relate to those inclined…

Demential cases

Haven’t solid bases

But deep memory refined.

Will I end up like them,

Both Mom and Dad feared it back then…

Would have been kinder

For Dad without reminder

Of all he’d lost…and when.

So we’ll take it day-by-say,

In fact there’s no other way…

To not worry

Or to curry

Pity by obnoxious display!

–Jonathan Caswell