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When J. J. NISSEN folded,

My image of a bakery molded…

Its replacement too big

So I had to dig,

To see what research “beholded”.

My past is in two places–

It one ever traces–

The lines of “me”


For personal data chases!

Massachusetts, New York State,

My two major windows of fate…

Born here

But raised over there,

Memories in both are great.

One of my faves was Monks Bread,

A Trappist Monastery did…

And still does

The bread funds their cause,

Producing jams, jellies, plus all kinds of bread!

A model flat against the wall,

Leaves hardly space at all…

Have to use what I have

Of plastic walls saved,

Modeling a bakery et. al.

So I thought of TRAPPIST FOODS,

A catch-all title to use…

Producing bread

And conserves, I said,

Switching different train cars is a ball!

Specifically, flour and fruit,

Corn syrup and sugar to boot…

Isn’t enough?

They brand other stuff,

The question of a brewery—moot.

MONKS BREAD  from Western New York,

From that Trappist Abbey of course…

A college friend

Heading toward that end,

Found a wife and went in another!

–Jonathan Caswell



I’m eating fresh pineapple

The last of some she found,

Of which she ate the most of

To which I’ve gotten around…

It is sweet goodness

Unlike the stuff in cans,

If we could afford this quality

We’d always this demand;

If we could afford it,

We’d not go back to canned!!!!

Some so nicely

Made simple cuts and cored,

Easier to eat it

After a cutting board…

It was so succulent and rich

I ate the core and all,

The extra fiber will be good

I need more overall…

The extra fiber will be good

I need more over-all!!!!

–Jonathan Caswell