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Not quite like peepers at night,

Railroad critters have their own light…

G.E.’s tend to whine

On their owner’s dime,

With short cuts of cars they fight!

The twenty-five tonner “dinky”

Exhaust tends toward stinky…

Smoke in the eyes

Is no surprise,

At times blue smoke turns inky!

When old, oft put on display,

Costs more to scrap anyway…

Does its job

With no hobnob,

From the big trains’ right of way!

–Jonathan Caswell



(Adult Topic)

Become impotent

His fading manhood laments…

But what is inside?


Little feeling left,

No place left to vent the ache…

Must thinking change, too?


Engorgement all gone,

Being faithful accepts lack…

No one left to love.


How to love without?

Can a man still be a man”’

His woman knows that!


Appreciates form,

Less likely liquid lusting…

Why keep the old ways?


Is safer this way…

For all women that he sees,

Much less threatening!


Power lust remains,

That…no non-phallic can cure…

Bad apples near tree.

–Jonathan Caswell



This morning she thought me cheery,

With laughter so endearing…

By afternoon

My mood dropped soon,

And of further thought became leery.

Stopped at the pharmacy,

The experience was hard for me…

Couldn’t use our bank

Card, cause the balance sank,

Below liquidity!

We’ve cash somehow lost,

Not finding those dollars will cost…


From not enough food,

Then my life is tempest-tossed.

In a prior post I recounted

How a friend my WI-FI remounted…

So I be posting

And blog hosting,

Doing stuff that’s counted!

–Jonathan Caswell