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He’s back to the hurly and burley,

Alone with his thoughts going squirrelly…

Kind folk did

Come to where he hid,

But retirement was too early!

He won’t go away,

Unless the Rapture’s today!

He misses the crowd

And shouting out loud,

To let folks hear what he’ll say!

Great cheers to the eighteen or so,

Visiting a blog readership low…

He’ll keep you informed–

His heart truly warmed–

For support you chose  to bestow.

Broken promises forgotten,

Being put off felt rotten…

Of you very few

I’m beholden to you,

For in compassion you were stopping!

–Jonathan Caswell


The nature of the beast,

His situation at least…

Comes to a head

Hope’s nearly dead,

But not for the vultures’ feast!

Inside he asks “WHY?”

Should he comply…

Doctor’s determined

To see inner vermin,

Removed and denied.

At present nothing much helps,

His sense of malaise envelops…

Near all thinking–

The raft sinking,

He covers his head and cries.

–Jonathan Caswell


A wild turkey flock in the snow,

Six or seven or so…

Grazing upon

Our side lawn,

Checked my pockets and…OH!

Thankfully had the house keys,

But no car’s or wallet with these…

Turkeys gone from our side lawn,

Prob’ly went into the trees!

–Jonathan Caswell


Marveling at mermen,

There seem to be less of them….

Rarely painted

‘Cause old ladies fainted,

These hunks are special men!

–Jonathan Caswell


A blog title review

For all that follow anew…

The picture is found

In Douglas, the town

Where my father up-grew!

Douglas, Massachusetts

The home of the powerful Schusters…

Mill owners in town

Several mills around,

The area’s economic boosters.

Like many schools, good old Douglas High,

Had a kids’ anthem on the side…

“The Mighty Mumford”

Was absurd,

A glorified creek flowed by!

Punctuated by many mill  ponds,

The Mumford carried on…

Valley commerce–

Conditions got worse–

Industrial sewer it had become.

People they’ve seen

Water colors from upstream…

The dye of the day

Was carried away

by the little creek, smelling obscene!

The kids in Douglas High School,

Sarcastic, thought it cool…

“Hail, hail to Douglas,

Where the  Mighty Mumford flows…

You know you are near it

If you have to hold your nose!”

–Jonathan Caswell



Via local channels,

Little plots sprout solar panels…


Is gone like that,

In woodland creature annals!

Every old gravel pit

And lots of the newer ones fit…

Being filled with arrays

To catch sun rays,

For energy profit.

Producing energy costs,

Much higher the birds lost…

Killed by spinning

Blades thinning,

Out enormous flocks!

But who needs all that dead wood,

Just “trash”–no good–

People vote

The almighty volt,

But never have understood.

–Jonathan Caswell

(An opinion piece)


Up here in the North East,

Autumn’s become a feast…

Of summer-like temps.

Foliage that tempts,

For a week at least!

I have a few days left,

To photo colors I think best…

A little green

Few dead branches seen,

But color on most of the rest.

And there are flowers to catch,

Before killing frost wrecks…

Color abounds

Perfumed air around,

The leaving of the last batch!

–Jonathan Caswell


Some observations please,

In the midst of all the sleaze…

Republicans say


Wanting to bring him to his knees.

Last  I heard an report,

Democratic campaigners were FOUR…

Obama, his wife,

Bill, Hillary and V.P. strive,

All on the campaign tour.

Other than Gov. Pence,

Trump has no supporting defence…

Mean-spirit guys

Won’t lift their eyes,

Or do anything for Trump hence!

Your Convention really meant naught,

In selfish cruelty caught…

You’re saying “Go to Hell,”

To the people as well,

Acting like you’re Hillary bought!

It’s the hissy-fit people I implore,

FOR ONCE..put your egos out the door…

He’s not from your camps

But give him a chance,

In taxes we’ll always pay more!

–Jonathan Caswell

(An Opinionated Poem)


As of ten o’clock this morning ’twas here,

Ending of summer for this year…

The picnics you knew

And the hotdogs chewed,

And friends bring memories’ cheer.

Remember when old and grey,

Bittersweet feelings today…

More coats–no bikinis–

Autumn weather, harvest gleanings–

Perhaps a good time by the bay?

Green turning brown,

Halloween candy’s around…

Colorful days

In cooling haze,

Thanksgiving…soon inbound!

–Jonathan Caswell


Gathered from their lairs,

Mostly in pairs…

The gathering

For harvesting

In these cooler airs!

Secret mysteries

How each sees…

Choose to stay

Or  fly away,

To distant properties.

When zombie hordes descend

Will each find a friend?…

Southern flight

may seem right,

As each swan might intend!

–Jonathan Caswell